Dr. Lillpop’s Group & PVBC 2015 …Day 3

It’s been a rainy day here in the Mole but that hasn’t stopped us from being His hands and feet today. We started our morning with a devotional from the book of Matthew reminding us that Jesus calls us out of our comfort zone, which was very fitting for today as the rains came down making everything just a little more difficult.


Texas Tech 2015 – Last Day…

From my perspective, this trip was a life changing experience. I am not going to go back to my dorm and complain about every single thing, but rather be thankful in the little things. All I can say about my experience in Haiti is that I can’t wait to change lives next year!


Texas Tech 2015 – Day 7

All, Day Eight, (counting travel)   We arose as a team before the rise of the sun, around five in the morning to boat to a village west of the Missions Camp grounds called “ Kapa Fu “. The boat ride in it self was delightful, having never […]


Texas Tech 2015 – Day 2

I woke this morning before the sun. Not wanting to rise yet, I laid in bed thinking about the devotional Morgan gave yesterday morning. She talked about the body of Christ and how we are all vital parts of this body. I began to pray for our team, that they feel valued, that they come to know the part that they are.


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