Goats for Preskul!

We just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Lillpop’s team who came in April. They were deeply touched by the people in Preskul. They left money for us to purchase 2 sets of goats for that village. Yesterday we had two of the families from Preskul walk […]


Rooted- Day 8

Rooted ended their last day in the Mole like champs! Unfortunately the Internet ate the blog they wrote…so I’ll just give you a brief update from them.   First, they all shout out to their loved ones! They have loved hearing from you each evening as you have […]


Rooted- Day 7

WAAAH! The trip is coming to an end! I can’t think about that though. We still have over twenty-four hours here in the Mole and today was awesome! It’s Darcy by the way. We woke up at 7:15 and came to the cafeteria. My devotional was this morning! […]


Rooted- Day 6

Happy Mother’s Day!! Before I get started I want to send a special Happy Mother’s Day to my mom! Wish I could be there to celebrate you in person! We have been celebrating all of our mothers today while taking the day to Sabbath and rest from the […]


Rooted- Day 5

Hello! This is Luke writing today. It’s the Satur-day. Haha Today was “and still is” a fun day. I’ll tell you all about it! So, I woke up nice and early after everybody else. I got all my things ready last night so I can do that easily. […]


Rooted- Day 4

Greetings from Johnathan, It has been a fantastic day down in the Mole, filled with construction, playing and coloring with the kids and spreading His word. We are going to show a movie tonight in the town square (Planes) for the local community. We also got to enjoy […]


Rooted- Day 3

Heeeyyyy everybody! It was another wonderful day here in the Mole! Today we were working on the dorm building! Started by moving sand in 5 gallon buckets up on to the roof so we could make mortar, phew! It was hot! But that’s ok cause as hot as […]


Rooted- Day 2

  Today is day two at the Mole. This morning we did some construction helping build a dorm for the community, which will be on top of the mission’s community clinic and pharmacy. We helped mix up some concrete, put it in buckets, and pour it on the […]


Rooted- Day 1

We have come to a close of day one here in The Mole. Today was used as a rest day to recover from our journey here, so it was nice getting to nap at the base and swim in the crystal clear ocean. God has been so incredible […]


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