Wrapping Up October…

First off I just want to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who reads my blog posts. Thank you to everyone who shares them on social media. Thank you to everyone who commits to pray big circles around these kids. Thank you to everyone who takes a step of faith and sponsors one of these children.



Little Woodjerry is a typical adorable little baby and in the short time I’ve known him he has grown so much! He is learning to walk on his own and his brothers, sisters, and mamas help him out any chance they get!



Aimé, also called Mirlene, is one of the quieter kids at the orphanage, she’s not the first to run out when teams are visiting or there are new friends. Aimé will instead hang back, she is pretty confident and independent. She will do her own thing, playing by herself or her older sisters or just hanging out with the orphanage mamas.



Rovenson is one hilarious kid! As this little guy has been getting bigger he is definitely enjoying his freedom and ability to run around campus and play games with his older brothers and sisters!



Marc is one hilarious kiddo! Like many of the younger ones at the Mole, it has been so fun watching this little grow up a bit as well. He is really owning his personality!



Christina is one little fireball just like many of her older siblings! She has all the energy in the world to run around, play games, and smother people with hugs! She has such zeal and passion for life!


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