Meet Our Orphan Family!

MEET OUR ORPHAN FAMILY! The Mole St Nicholas Orphanage opened its doors March 10th, 2012. Below are the first orphans to call this place home! SOME STILL NEED SPONSORS! NWHCM does not adopt out of our orphanages. It is our goal to surround…


Bring A Team!

LET THE MINISTRY BEGIN! Led by missionaries – Jose and Jody Castillo, Beth Lockwood,  and Pierre  - this  campus plant by Northwest Haiti Christian Mission is just three years old! This is the future site of the following: Church, School,…



THE FAMILY TREE… How’s your week so far? Fabulous, we hope. In case it isn’t, though, we’re fairly certain sponsoring a child or adult through our Family Tree is just the thing you need to turn your week around. Visiting…

Community Ministry


Texas Tech 2014 – Friday

Last day for Texas Tech…


Texas Tech & PV Teens in 2014 – Wednesday

It’s all about Jesus…..He IS enough!


Texas Tech & PV Teens in 2014 – Tuesday

You are chosen! The sons and daughters of the King of Kings!


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