Wedding Team…Day 2

What a wonderful Sunday! Today we got to teach a lesson and play a few games in the children’s church. I have never heard more giggles in my entire life. We taught the kids the story of Noah and how our obedience to God is important in everything […]


Wedding Team…Day 1

Four years. I have prayed and begged God to allow me come back to Haiti since 2011, but heard a very clear “not yet” but three months ago, He gave me the permission and resources to get here so you can imagine my anticipation to see why He […]


Church Construction Update 2…

Well it’s now Week 2 and the Foundation is FINISHED!! On Monday our Women’s Bible Study Group finished up our time together by circling the church site –  singing, praying, and reading scriptures. There’s been an evil presence there and we were calling on God to reign down HIS […]


Swiney Family Update…Day 8

It’s been a great Monday in Haiti! We did our last day of “Pouring Love Into” with the ladies and had a really great time. I pray that they feel loved, cherished and appreciated! This afternoon, we spent some time with the kids in smaller groups. Along with […]


Swiney Family Update…Day 7

Happy Sunday from Haiti! We started our day with Haitian worship service. We couldn’t understand a word that was said but could feel God there so strongly. Two things struck me about the service; the joy and the number of times I heard the word “merci” (thank you). […]


Swiney Family Update…Day 5 & 6

Day 5 Update: Happy Friday from Haiti!!!! We had another really great day today. We did our “Pouring Love Into” ministry for some of the orphanage mommas this morning and we were so blessed. I told them I can’t wait until we see each other in Heaven and […]

Swiney Family Update…Day 5

Unfortunately our internet is having even more problems tonight and the blog that the Swineys wrote won’t even load. Hopefully it will load tomorrow morning or evening. They are doing well for any family or friends wondering. They have been enjoying their time in Haiti immensely!

Swiney Family Update…Day 4

Hello from another great day in Haiti!! So sorry we didn’t get to post yesterday. The computer died as we were typing. Plans changed and we didn’t go to Preskul yesterday. Instead, we spent the morning painting and playing playdough with the two kids who live in the […]

Swiney Family Update…Day 3

Unfortunately tonight we were having some computer issues so the Swiney Family did not get a chance to blog before they headed to bed for the night after a busy day of ministry. However, look forward to tomorrow for a longer update from them over today and tomorrow!  […]


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