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We are missionaries with Northwest Haiti Christian Mission. We have devoted our lives to serving His kingdom in the country of Haiti. We have 7 children and a thirst for an intimate relationship with our Creator. There may be a lot of drama on the battlefield but one thing is for sure.....There's Never A Dull Moment!


Blessed and Stressed….The Life of A Missionary

I know my family is not making any sacrifices that others before us have not already made. As my Daddy would say, “You’re not special” – meaning my needs and dreams are no more or less than the next person in line. So therefore I appeal to you who have at one time resonated with what I’m going through, there is need all around me and I can do nothing.


Wrapping Up October…

First off I just want to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who reads my blog posts. Thank you to everyone who shares them on social media. Thank you to everyone who commits to pray big circles around these kids. Thank you to everyone who takes a step of faith and sponsors one of these children.



Little Woodjerry is a typical adorable little baby and in the short time I’ve known him he has grown so much! He is learning to walk on his own and his brothers, sisters, and mamas help him out any chance they get!


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