Celebrate New Years With Us In The Mole…

New Years is a HUGE HOLIDAY in Haiti. It’s the biggest celebration of the year!

On December 31st – most of the Haitians are all in church praying through the New Year. Then on January 1st – you will see families and neighbors come together and share pumpkin soup.

This is going to be our first New Years in the Mole. We already bought a tub full of fireworks. We talked to the Mayor and he was ELATED! He said the Mole has NEVER had fireworks before! We talked to the church before we left  and they have NO CLUE what fireworks even are!

Since the Pastor came to the Mole in September – we have had over 80 baptisms! While making the decision to accept Christ is HUGE – every day after that is just as hard. The pastor really spends time doing follow-ups on our new church members and mentors them as they learn to walk with Christ.



We should create a serving opportunity to our new converts!

What if we open the church ALL DAY LONG on January 1st and offer pumpkin soup to ANYONE who stops by. There are so many people who will not be able to celebrate New Years because they have no money to make the soup.

We would like to open the church to the least of these – and have everyone start off the New Year spiritually and physically fed! We can pray with each person that comes through those church doors and just pour out His love. Then we take to the streets like we do every Tuesday and bring soup to the our poorest communities surrounding the Mole!

So I called the Pastor yesterday and he was SUPER EXCITED! He said with so many tragedies in Haiti this year – we need to have a good start to next year. The Haitians deserve a break – if only for a day!! I agree!


Those who have accepted Christ over the last few months are going to be His hands, feet, and face! They will be serving in the church and out on the street.

1) We will have a party on the 31st where we pray through the New Years with just our church family!! Did I mention our church has grown to 200 PEOPLE!!! Praise The Lord! We will serve rice, beans, and goat.  (150.00 still needed for this)

2) Offer soup all day long on January 1st in the church. This is for ANYONE who shows up and needs to be spiritually and physically fed. We will have church members just sitting and waiting to pray with people as they show up.  ($350.00)

2) We will deliver soup and a message to the fishing village – Ka Pa Fu ($200.00)

3) We will deliver soup and a message to the mud village – Karenage. ($300.00)

We will be taking pictures and sharing stories from this wonderful day of fellowship!! If you would like to celebrate the New Years with us in the Mole – donations can be sent:

1) By Mail –

Northwest Haiti Christian Mission
7271 South Mayflower Park
Zionsville In 46077
**Include a note saying – Castillo Benevolence/New Years Celebration

2) Or Online – You can pay by credit card. Please include in the notes section it’s for New Years Celebration



  1. Just read the post…so super excited about praying in the New Year and serving the community. Begining to prepare in prayer now and getting others to join us in preparing as well. Lovin it Jody and lovin what the Lord is doing.

  2. Jody,

    This is so wonderful. I am so excited! I can’t wait for the pictures and report of how this goes and what the Lord does in the Mole. I know it will be wonderful. Praying for you as always and praying specifically for this celebration.

  3. We have raised enough funds for the fishing village and the christmas party.

    I still need funds for Karenage and for soup all day long at the church on January 1st.

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