Daniel Village…

We continue to scout out surrounding villages that need physical and spiritual help! Today we came across a very poor village about an hour from here that is hurting in a way we never imagined. Unfortunately the camera died before we even arrived. So I don’t have any pictures of this village yet.

Here is what they told us:

A long time ago there were missionaries that started to build a church and school. They left before it was completed. Years later other missionaries from St. Marc came to our area to help finish the work. They told us that they didn’t have all the funds to finish the school and we all needed to help raise money for this project. So everyone borrowed and sacrificed. The missionaries left with all our money saying they were going to buy the materials. THEY NEVER CAME BACK.

Most villages are excited when they see missionaries show up in their village. As you can imagine – they were very hesitant to welcome us. Jocelyn tried to explain what our mission does and that we’ve been in Haiti for 30 years but the villagers just simply didn’t believe us. We promised that we would be back and they told us they no longer believe the promises of missionaries!

Isn’t that so terribly sad!! It breaks my heart. There are over 250 children in this area trying to go to school. Their faith in missionaries is totally diminished. Their faith in God at best is- shaky.

We have a lot of work ahead of us in Daniel…..

One comment

  1. You will be in our prayers as you minister to this hurting village. We will pray for ways to build trust and share God’s great love. Also prayers for all the chilren in need of a good Christian education.

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