Busy Monday for Momentum and Savannah!


We are drained today, but in a wonderful way. We (minus Stephen and Billy) started the day off with an beautiful boat trip to the town of Preskul.  This is an extremely poor fishing village with some wonderful children of God that we got a chance to love on. From the moment we stepped on the beach, we were greeted with smiles and many grateful hellos. In addition to that, the hands of sweet children immediately intertwined with ours, along with a few hugs.  Within moments, I had a baby in my arms (which I tried to slip in my backpack, but got caught) and Kim was able to lead everyone in songs, a puppet show and a coloring session, while the guys lead some boys in a soccer game. THERE IS NO DOUBT that Kim has a gift with these kids and she is where she is supposed to be. The kids adore her and love her enthusiasm.

From Preskul, we went to Karenage (another fishing village) where we proceeded to do the same thing with a different group of people and the boys taught another group of boys how to play baseball…or a modified version anyway.  This group was a little rowdier, but still very appreciative and friendly.  While we were gone, Stephen and Billy worked on laying the foundation for the orphanage building, and so far that has gone well. Once we returned to The Mole, we enjoyed a yummy lunch (looked like…I can’t even describe it…but it tasted great).

Post-lunch, we got the opportunity to learn a “Haitian skill”. The boys learned how to make charcoal, and the women learned out to make a woven wall from palm branches. Stephen says, “Everyone should learn this before they leave Haiti.” Steve says, “I will never take for granted how easy it is to buy a bag of charcoal now.”  I’ll let them expand on that when we return.  NOT a simple process.  After we learned our “skills”, the gals joined a women’s group at church for a praise and prayer service. We took a little dip in the sea, walked back to the mission and now we’re about to enjoy dinner and a devotion.  It’s been another amazing God-filled day, and we’re anxious to find out what’s in store for us tomorrow as we head to the market to buy animals for the Mole.

Quick prayer requests:
1.  Stephen has had a headache for 3 days.  He doesn’t ever complain, but I think it’s worth mentioning. Please pray that God relieves him of this.
2.  An Arctic cold front to pass thru!!!
3.  Sleep / energy to do what God has in store for us.
4.  A great night of sleep for Billy with no more mosquito bites!



Bonjour or Bonswa from the Savannah Christian Team in Haiti. Our team arrived late Saturday afternoon in Port au Paix. I am sitting here trying to find the words to best describe what a first timer, that would be myself and several other team member, are experiencing here. In short, the consensus is no words are enough.

Haiti is a series of stark contrasts of beauty and decay. Unfortunately, the decay is mainly what you see on the media fails to capture the true hearts and the love of the people. Yes, we were overwhelmed when we arrived in Port au Prince to a world that did not speak our language, smells not normal to American soil, or when we breezed through the stop signless streets to Tortuga airlines to catch our flight to visit Grant and Natasha, missionaries in Port au Paix. However, it is when you are at your most overwhelmed, it is when you truly see how God is working.

The love and kindness radiates from many of the people. When we were visiting with Grant and Natasha, the Haitian ladies insisted on making us eggs for our breakfast because they wanted to make sure we were fed enough. The love of Christ radiates through Grant and Natasha in the little seaside country town. People do not realize how much missionaries have to do so much with so little, but they make it work. Grant is a family man to his wife, the orphan children they are taking in as their own, handyman, carpenter. Name the hat he wears it. Natasha is a wife, mother, counselor, nurse, and the list goes on. Even there is a lot of stress, their is a love that speaks volumes for God and his people. I know for myself, and for others, we just don’t realize how much they do and are so dependent on obtaining such basics like toilet paper.

Americans run on time schedules, time for this time for that, if you are late, well there is consequences. As we waited four hours to take a twenty-five minute flight, it made us squirm. Haitians do not run on a time schedulem and it would drive the outside world bonkers. But, when you stop and truly look at it. How much are we missing when we are in a hurry. It is good to plan and make time for everything, but find the beauty in the present as we work toward the future.

Seeing the heart of Haiti continued as we arrived to The MOle Saint Nicholas on day three after a four hour ride on little rock roads on the back of flat bed truck. Jody and her husband Jose are the missionaries. The Mole is amazing with it’s crystal clear beaches and soft sand (not the Haiti you think of) Yes, there is abject poverty here and many social ills (child abuse, hunger,etc.), but there is beauty in the midst of this darkness. I simply thought it was polite to just say hello to the people first, but when Jody spoke to about what some of the neighborhood children are going through it made a difference. Most people have never had anyone look them in the eye or show them affection. Now, when I see people smile back with at us with a glint in their eye after we greet them, it has really hit home. Showing the love of Christ begins with the smile, take the time with them, appreciate who they are.

We are excited as we continue the week spending time with the mothers and children in The MOle and we look forward to updating you all about what we are doing.

Until the Whole World Knows

Savannah Christian Church Missions Team
Renee, Chris, Kristin, Nicole, Beckie, Dan, and Harrison




  1. Thanks for the update!! Yes we will pray for Stephan, SLEEP/REST, no mosquito bites, and I guess maybe for a cold front–but then you couldn’t go in the ocean and I can tell you that sitting here in McDonough GA that beach looks SO inviting!! Katie again I hope you are feeling great and I miss you, Meredith you look so good and sweet with those kiddos, Gabby I bet you are having a blast and I look forward to hearing your stories–I am so proud of you, Kim I am thankful Haiti is seeing what we already knew about you–that you are great with kids, Josh I love the pics and just know you are having a blast, Tammy I hope you are over the plane ride and having a great time!! Stephan I am sorry you have had headaches and we will pray for relief–know Chad sister completely came off vent today out of nowhere and is doing well (long road ahead but God is still in the business of miracles even here), Matt, Andrew, Danny, Mr. Bill, and Steve I hope you all are having a blast and enjoying every moment!! We here are thinking of you all often and I can not wait to hear all your stories and see all your pics!! I love you guys and I pray you are rested and ready to step into His footprints for another day of being His hands and feet!! I miss you my sweet friends!!
    Heather Ferris

  2. Hey Guys!!!! So good to hear about all that ya’ll are doing! We love the updates! I am so proud of all of you! Stephen, my love, I am so sorry to hear about your headache 🙁 It makes me sad to know you are in pain. I am praying for Gods hand to be on you and for you to wake up with no pain!!!!!! We miss you so very much! Grayson has been telling everyone that you are on a plane going to Haiti, LOL! He misses you,and loves the video you left him! Tommorow Jessica is being induced so I will be at the hospital most of the day. Heather and the boys are coming to watch grayson. We have been staying busy. Sounds like you are getting to do what you love, using your hands to serve others! We are so so proud of you! Sounds like Kim and everyone had a blast playing and loving on the children, love it!!!!! Ok ya’ll, stay safe and know that you are covered in prayer!! Stephen, we love you to the moon and back!! Hope you feel better baby!!!! Love all of you!!

  3. What a beautiful place! It looks like everyone is so at peace and in such great spirits. I really feel such a strong sense of honor seeing and hearing about you guys and the things you are doing. Praise be to God. I love you guys.

    Double love for the double Steve’s

  4. These are great updates and pics. So proud of all of you. It’s so cool to see you all in exact places where I was. Looks like the team is being used in some great ways and it’s quite exciting to see how God is using all of you. We continue to lift you all up in prayers. Continue to be open to what God wants to do in you and through you!

  5. It does my heart good to hear the stories and see the pictures each morning. I want to come steal those babies. Tell Matt Mauk to sneak one into his backpack. I am praying for you guys constantly and it looks like you are all filled with the love of the spirit. Stay well, love you all and Matt Mauk I love you more than the cookie monster loves cookies. 🙂

  6. Wow! Sounds like another great day! I love all of the pictures. Josh I love all of your silly faces! Were you trying to mock me with the ball under your shirt one? About that, I felt the baby kick last night! It was a big kick too! you all look like you are just loving serving these people! We will be praying still and especially for the specific requests! Josh thank you fir the email. It meant the world to me. I love you and Adey does too! Oh and something about a chinchilla…

  7. Hey guys! I’m so glad y’all are doing good. I like the picture of josh with the life scarf…you are a giant, my friend; i miss you cubby buddy. Let mr. bill know that I miss him too and I am leaving it up to you (cubby buddy) to give him a fist bump + explosion and a hug for me.

    Stephen: maybe your hammer that I accidentally shipped showed up there?

    Matt Mauk: You seem to only photobomb in the photos = awesome.

    Love you guys and praying for you.

  8. You all look like your having a great time! The children and babies are beautiful!! Stephen I pray that your headache is gone today,I asked our father to let you wake up pain free today!! Matt looks like your enjoying your time with the children!! Meredith you look great!! Katie hope that your feeling well,you look great also!! Josh your mighty big!!
    Know that we are keeping you all in our prayers! Much love!!

  9. Thanks for another update. I love seeing the pictures of you guys, and I agree with everyone else – the joy of the Holy Spirit is so evident on all of your faces! It’s a refreshing sight. I am praying throughout each day, so grateful for all of you and honored that you are representing our church and God’s kingdom in such an amazing way. I pray each of you is able to soak it all in while you are there, staying fully engaged and focused on your calling and the task at hand. Can’t wait to hear more!

  10. Thanks for the updates. We are praying for you all, and will add the requests to our prayers. Andrew, who knew this was going to be like a career fair for you – soccer coaching, charcoal manufacturing & goat farming – and that’s just the first couple of days. We sincerely wish we could be there with you all – maybe next year. Keep loving and serving. Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might. We love you all.

    PS – Andrew, mom says we’re getting rid of the gas grill now that you know how to make charcoal.

  11. Andrew,
    Face the camera once or twice, ok! Love you so much! We are praying for all of you, all throughout the day. This is so cool to get updates. Can’t wait for tomorrow! See you then.
    OXOX Mom

  12. Thank you so much for the updates and pictures, I eagerly await them each day. Praying for you all each morning and throughout the day. To my sweet husband (mosquito man) I miss you SOMETHIN FIERCE! I smile, knowing that you are in your element, doing exactly what you so love. Can’t wait to hear every detail.

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