2012 Rockstars – Last Day…

From Black Mountain –

Well, we ended with another wonderful day in the Mole. Unfortunately, we did not get finished with the boat, but the boat builder is staying around to finish it up. We did actually get a few pieces of our handmade lumber nailed together, but only after we had 4 and 5 inch nails delivered…..since we were not really prepared for the whole log thing, we did not bring the proper nails.

Good news is that in our spare time, we were able to fix the gate to the campus. We used some metal tubing scraps from the bed building group, Aaron grabbed their welder, and we got it DONE. We were even told “VERY GOOD JOB” by one of the Haitian construction supervisors that we called “Big boss man”.

Overall, we are exhausted, and ready to see our families, so we look forward to sharing all our pics and stories. See you all back in the States. Pray for safe travels for the team, home, and for the McLellans as they continue traveling in Haiti.

Just wanting to remind everyone that Kelly and I (Gray and WIlla too), will be leaving the Mole tomorrow, and will continue our trip here in Haiti to the main campus in St Louis du Nord. We are hoping to have some internet access there, so we will be trying to update our Facebook page from there. We would love to continue to communicate with you all there, so please friend us, if you have not already. See you there…..Ryan

Elodie, Abigail and Micah I miss you so much and can’t wait to see you. Its been an amazing trip but we are all completely exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally. We are so blessed as a family. Abigail and Micah, I’ll see you when you wake up on Saturday! Elodie I’ll call when we land in the States and I can’t wait to see you tomorrow night. I love you all so much! – Jason/Daddy
All of the teams finished strong tonight!!  It’s been such an honor getting to know everyone! We have had some internet issues and not everyone had a chance to blog.  Unfortunately we were unable to upload pictures tonight either! SO SORRY!!!
Tomorrow we will have breakfast at 7am and the team will load planes heading to PAP and then on to the states! Thanks to everyone for their encouraging posts/comments. It really meant a lot to the teams! 🙂


  1. Can you tell me when you last saw Ryan and Kelly and how I can contact them at that orphanage? Ryan’s Mom/ Nanee Thanks

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