Texas Tech Day 1…

As our team met at the Wesley Thursday, we were all surprised to see that it was 27 degrees and sleeting. Bundled up in sweatshirts, we began our journey to Dallas. We arrived safely, but saw several accidents along the highway as we drove. Friday morning started at 6am, and we headed to the airport. We got through security unscathed and anxiously awaited the boarding call for our flight. The rest of our travel to Haiti went flawlessly.

We met up with Jose, from Northwest Haiti Christian Mission, and collected all of our baggage. The plan was to drive through the night, but it was decided that it would be safer to stay the night in Port-au-Prince at a hotel. It made for a fun night after traveling all day. We chatted poolside and played card games. Pizza was provided for dinner, and after we had a team meeting before heading off to bed. The topic of discussion was on what we were most excited about for this trip, and what was our biggest concern. It was a great talk, and everyone was open and honest. We got to encourage one another and speak truth into some insecurities that people had.

We got up at 4am and piled in the bus. We had a nine-hour bus ride ahead of us. Spirits were high as we tried to get some sleep before the roads got too bumpy. Although the ride was uncomfortable at times, it was such a blessing. Unfortunately, a few members of our team got motion sickness from the rough roads.

I had some really cool thoughts about our drive. In life, there are seasons were the “road can get rough”, but I think it is important to find joy in those moments and to continue to praise God. Also, these times will pass and there is light at the end of the tunnel. I think it is so important that we cling to God in those moments and be completely dependent on Him.

The “light at the end of the tunnel” for us was finally being in the Mole St. Nicholas after enduring a nine and a half hour bus ride. I was so impressed with the good attitudes that our team displayed. Even in this temporary hardship, we still showed each other Christ’s love. In my mind, this sets a great tone for the rest of our trip.

During the course of the trip, we picked up several precious orphan children and brought them to the Mole’s brand new orphanage. The girls and some of the guys took turns holding the children and entertaining them during the drive. I think it is so cool that our team gets to be here for the first week that the orphanage is up and running!

After we arrived, we had a delicious lunch and enjoyed some free time before dinner. Most of the team headed to the beach, which is B-E-A-U-tiful, and a few hit the basketball court with some of the translators. We finished the night with dinner and a quick briefing.


  1. So happy to see so many pure, beautiful faces in the pictures. I am so proud of all of you and glad to see you made it safely. God bless everything you will give and the abundance you will receive on this journey. Hug those beautiful little children for me and tell them Chris’ mom loves them, too.

  2. Praising God you all made it safely and praying blessings over ya’ll, the kids and the new orphanage. I know your presence in Haiti is shining the light of Jesus to all those you meet, see and touch. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus and serving Him in Haiti. God’s love and blessings be with you all. You are all in my prayers as you continue this week long journey in Haiti.

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