Tropical Storm Sandy Causes Damage In the Mole…

Last night Tropical Storm Sandy passed through Mole, Haiti. We saw & heard the downpour of rain but there wasn’t a lot of wind.  We weren’t too terribly worried about it. This morning however, we learned that many homes along the ocean were damaged and some completely destroyed. The ocean even now is still really fierce. There continue to be some pretty big waves pushing up against the homes.

There is typically about 10 feet (in width) of sand between the homes & the ocean. Not anymore. Several boats were washed yards away into streets. Homes that faced the ocean are flooded and many walls are completely washed away.


The home that faces the ocean (where we used to have church before moving to the property) is completely flooded as the ocean broke up some of the concrete wall that was protecting it. You can see in the picture water flooding underneath that wall which will probably give way soon.


Momma Gigi’s rental house faces the ocean and this morning there were several boats that went through her metal gate and ended up in her front yard. The sidewall that protected the house is completely washed away. She has a foot of water in all her rooms.


There are 7 kids and 4 adults living her house. Today she came to me crying as a lot of her things are ruined. The house is not safe to stay in anymore. It was our hope to build her house on the property with the other employees. I just don’t have the means to do it yet.


I haven’t heard from the fishing villages to see what damage they have. The mayor requested the mission truck a few hours ago to help rescue some folks and their belongings that were waist deep in water.


It’s pouring down rain right now!  Please pray for Jesus to calm the sea!


  1. Oh no. Rick had asked me earlier today if we had heard anything about the strom status. We are praying for you, the people of The Mole, for the rain to stop and the ocean to calm. Please post updates of The Mole and news of Preskul as you have time. I know you are focused on ministering and taking care of everyone. Blessings!

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