February Group – Day 2…

Day 2 in The Mole started with a beautiful church service.  It was so humbling to be a part of such honest, uplifting service.  One of the most amazing parts of the service, to me, was when each Sunday School class stood up as a group and reported what they had learned that day!  It was incredible!

After service we came back and had some down time.  Our plans were to go to the beach and do hut to hut ministry but God had other plans.  It rained much of the day which was quite a blessing since they have not had rain since the beginning of January! That kind of put the kabash on our efforts ( we got soaked walking to the property) but Erica still made it to her classroom and got things ready for tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will be starting the sewing classes, should be fun!  We had another fabulous meal by Kathy and the women, they even prepared peach cobbler for us! All in all it has been a great day getting to know one another better and planning our service to our Lord!


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