Let The Summer Begin….Day 2

Greetings from Haiti! This is Kelsey!

Another day in Haiti has come to a close. Our bodies are finally beginning to adjust to the heat (kinda), and the team just enjoyed bottles of Coke with our American spaghetti  (especially Isaiah-that kid loves Coke)!

The ladies began the day leading a bible study for the women involved with the church here in the Mole. We had about 24 ladies come which was very encouraging. We spoke to them about finding strength through the Holy Spirit during difficult times, and we were able to pray with them each individually. Many of them asked for prayer for homes to live in and for support, as many of them are single moms of several children. We made them cupcakes (which was no easy task-we ran out of gas in the oven mid-batch), but they loved them and we will host another study with them tomorrow.

The men also led a study with some new believers this morning. They had four men show up, and we hope to see more tomorrow because we are changing the time to the afternoon when they are finished working! They talked with the men about the fruits of the spirit, grace, and marks of a true Christian. After the studies, the team took a walk around the streets to greet and pray with the people. One woman we met asked for prayer because her home had recently burnt down. The stories of the people often break our hearts, but it is encouraging to know that we can lift them up to our mighty God and he is able to bring them comfort and strength!

We spent the afternoon planning our bible studies for tomorrow and then we headed to the orphanage! The kiddos were sleeping, but as soon as we showed up they were all up and at the door ready to play! Sarah and Lindsey were in heaven, and Isaiah and Ryan were often holding multiple kids at a time! Jose also gave us a tour of the property, and we got to take a look at the new home for the Castillo family! The girls were really excited about showing us their new rooms!

We look forward to hosting more Bible studies tomorrow and spending more time with the sweet sweet orphans! Please leave more comments! We love hearing encouraging words from all of you (especially Momma Melissa)! Thank you for your prayers!


Hello this is Kade (and Dylan),

Thanks a lot for all the comments y’all left. It really means a lot to us that y’all are praying for us and thinking of us! We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for your support and we could do what we do without your continued prayers.

The guys are sleeping in a school that is made with mostly ply wood and two-by-fours, so mosquitos can get in through pretty much every corner. The guys were finally able to sleep despite the mosquitos, heat and talking through the wall to the translators about the different languages they speak {including the language of zombies.) We assume the girls slept too, but we weren’t there…

This morning we divided into two teams, one team went and painted the school were the guys are staying so tonight is going to be fun! The other team went to a field outside the school and picked up rocks and filled in holes to get it ready for the soccer camp.  Picking buckets and buckets of rocks out of a field by hand expanded our understanding of the parable of the soils. Sometimes the work that God does in us is incredibly beneficial, but painful and time consuming.

After lunch we went out and rounded up kids for the soccer camp. We then did the soccer camp with about 51 1/2 kids. Try to place yourself in the middle of twenty soccer balls and 50 Haitians running all over a newly fixed soccer field. It was hectic to say the least. Speaking through translators made logistics difficult, but all of the kids had a great time! We all enjoyed running around with them and showing them that they’re loved. The guys morning work came to fruition when we utilized the soccer field. Half of the group was facilitating soccer camp while the others were busily playing jump rope and Frisbee with the girls and younger kids.

We’re excited about sleeping tonight and hitting it hard again tomorrow!

Thanks again for the thoughts and prayers! Keep commenting because we love hearing from y”all.



Please feel free to leave a comment. Comments will be read at dinner each night. Note there may be a delay from the time you comment until the time it shows up on the post.

Love you all!!




  1. It’s me again… 🙂

    Seeing pictures of y’all holding those sweet kids and loving on them brought me to tears this morning. My heart is overjoyed with the thought of what you guys are experiencing right now. The soccer camp sounds like it’s going well and was a lot of fun! I bet the kids were loving it. I love how y’all are using what you’re good at to bring smiles to their faces. I couldn’t be prouder of this group of students!

    I’m not sure if everyone knows they can comment to communicate with y’all so on behalf of all your sweet friends back home… They miss you! I’ve seen multiple Instagram, Twitter and Facebook posts about them missing you and praying for you. Know that you are loved!!!

    To Taylor and Dylan– Today I’m praying for y’all specifically. I pray that the Lord would use you to lead the team in the way He desires! You’ve worked so hard up until this point to put the trip together and I know the Lord will bless that. I love y’all and appreciate so much what you do for our students!!


  2. Great job! It is a blessing to hear of the continued love, teaching, play and work that is being accomplished in the Mole.

    Meeting with the men that are new followers of Christ is an AWESOME idea! America and Haiti are very similar in the proportions of men that have stepped up and lead their families and communities regarding following Christ. Sadly, Christian men who strive to learn and love Jesus more and more are in the minority. You guys rock for encouraging these men and praying over them so that the Holy Spirit will continue the good work He has started within them.

    I and ready to come back to the Mole, it’s been way too long since my family and I have been there!

    Danny Groves,
    Momentum Christian Church

  3. We continue to pray for all of you as you work and serve our Lord Jesus!!!! Dave…we are very proud of you! I am spending the night at your house tonight and then it’s on to G-Camp in the morning. Our theme this year is “heaven”. We’ll be talking about Uncle Dave and his example of sharing God’s love and His plan of salvation with others. You know we do not have a computer at the Riverhouse…so I cannot see these posts after tonight…just remember…we will be praying for you each and every single day. May God bless and keep you all! Melody (Gmama)

  4. Looks like you guys are keeping busy! Sending love & continued prayers to all of you! Continue to shine the Light! Be blessed to be a blessing!

  5. I hope to hear that more men were able to come to the Bible Study tomorrow. That would be great. I bet the ladies loved the cupcakes! Everyone looks happy and sweaty! Thanks for posting the pic of Dave showing his bed. That was a good one! I know the children love feeling so loved! They must be soaking as much of you in as possible. I loved seeing all of the pictures posted. Still praying for each of you and the people you meet. Be bold! I send my love and support to all of you and especially to Dave. So proud of you David! Keep us in your prayers tomorrow as we go for Cuyler’s appointment. Hoping to get the AFO. Oh yeah, Dave we FINALLY got Cuyler’s US birth certificate in the mail today and they listed him as a female! AHHHHHH!

    Love everyone!

  6. Your post did not appear until today….and it just wasn’t the same! I love hearing about your days.

    As I read your post today it just confirms for me that God is going ahead of you all and covering you in whatever prayer you need.

    Here is what I said in my prayer request yesterday “By now they have had plenty of opportunities for their hearts to be broken as they have likely witnessed desperate situations; mothers and fathers that cannot provide enough nourishment for their children to survive, disease, pain, crying, children that do not have something as simple as clean water to drink. So they will need this courage, strength, wisdom, and peace that only God can provide them with as they continue through the week. But in all that brokenness they will also have times of complete joy and blessing amongst these beautiful people. They will be on a roller coaster with ups and downs at every turn…so we can not grow weary or complacent in our mission to pray for them.”

    God is so good! and I am honored that you all are allowing us to be a part of it by praying for you and then as you write your posts daily and show us your heart!

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE seeing my girls smiling in these pictures. And I am especially glad that those gymnastic lessons are paying off! No back handsprings or tucks Ms. Hardin, I do not need a call about a concussion!!!

    Lori…..you are still smiling……I think you are going to come back and next year’s girls getaway is going to be to Haiti. Do they have no seeums in Haiti?

    Keep your posts and pictures coming!

    I love you all!!!


    P.S. Bug Spray. Sunscreen. Sleep!

  7. I just cannot express how happy I am to read this post and see these pictures. I am truly so proud of each and every one of you. It sounds like all the planning is coming together perfectly. God is good! I know that He has a wonderful things ahead the rest of this amazing week. I am just thankful that we get a little peek into your wonderful ministry! Love you all.

  8. Hey Pleasant Valley Team!

    Glad to hear the bible studies are going well! Heard there were some sunburns – guess I forgot to mention that you would need sunscreen!? Two requests: (1) Can you save your pop bottle caps? Our team arriving on June 20th needs them for a craft they will be doing. (2) When you go to Preskul, will you take a look at the guttering that runs the water from the roof of the school to the cistern? Our team would like to figure out how to repair it if we can. Back in January I know a section was missing and there were other issues as well!

    I’m praying that your efforts this week will draw people closer to Jesus!

    Gayla, PVBC, Liberty (MISSOURI)

  9. Harris family
    Living and being blessed vicariously through you. Prayers and blessings your way.

  10. Kelsey…prayed for your bible study all day yesterday! Continuing to pray for the hope and encouragement you’re sharing to take hold of the women’s hearts. I know your sweet and gentle spirit is blessing them as you teach beautiful truths from God’s word.

    Lori…loved your photo on the moto!!! (I’m a poet and I know it) 😉 Your smile has always been able to light up a room and I see it is bringing the same light and joy to Haiti…I’m confident that your warm, welcoming spirit is bringing smiles to many faces in the Mole!

    Ryan…are the boys in the park schooling you w/their soccer moves?! Lol! I know the little ones enjoy having big strong guys to swing them, hold them, and play soccer…pretty good work if you can get it, huh?

    Dan…Praying for you as you lead and teach…confident that God will use the example your giving with your life in leading your family to serve Him. Trusting He will give you strength and wisdom moment by moment.

    Lyndsey & Sarah….thinking about you and the fruit you are bearing for the kingdom…praying John 15:7-8 over both of you tonight, trusting He will be glorified! Love you both. Marla

  11. Thinking of you all and praying for your time with those precious people. I know Jesus is smiling down on you and is surrounding you with his loving arms as you hug on those sweet orphans. You are my heroes for following God’s calling for you. Blessings and praying for good health.

  12. Hello everyone! We miss you and Love you! It is so awesome to read every day what you guys are doing. I love what Melissa writes also. We are blessed to have such amazing friends who are touching so many lives. We can’t wait to hear everything when you get back. I sent something yesterday so I won’t repeat myself but it is out there somewhere Lol. Hopefully you will get it soon. Praying for you guys daily. Love you and Miss you!! Michelle

  13. I’m so jealous of your time with the dear people of the Mole. Wish I were there with you. When you are at the orphanage give Magdalie an extra kiss from me. She was my sweetish on my trip in January. Kiss those sweet Castillo kids from me too. Miss them. Jody- take care of yourself. Praying for your back.

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