Crossroads Day 2

The Crossroads group enjoyed spending time relaxing and ministering today! Their morning was spent leading children’s Church. They did a great job sharing the story of Joseph through a skit, puppet show, and craft. The kids had a lot of fun! We ended children’s Church by making Father’s Day cards. We had the kids that live in our orphanage make their cards for Pierre, Pastor Agenor, Doumi. Smith, Kenson, Nene and Berna. They might not all admit it, but their smiles when we gave them the cards showed that it meant a lot. It is always so awesome and precious when these men take time to love on kids that live in our orphanage. After lunch, the group walked through the Mole to invite kids to the VBS that they are having for four days with the same group of eighty kids. They ended their afternoon by spending some time relaxing on the beach. I’m very excited to see how God will use this team to bring more of His light to the Mole.


Eunice: love you and miss you the orphans were captivated by mop and the set and show. I found my the beautiful girls. Adonise covered her face then hugged me. Esperanta jumped up and down with a big smile, Cheerlanda almost broke out in cried, then clung to me. Looking forward to letting them know that Jezi is even above the poverty of Haiti. God Bless love Phil

Hello Sugar. Thanks for the father day wishes. I have been trying to rest up a little today. We did children’s church this morning with the orphans and as Jennifer pulled Mop out this little girl next to me started to cry. So I grabbed her and she was in my arms for the rest of the time. Her name was Fabula and it was nice to get a little practice on comforting a little girl. I love the story about Ethan as I can picture the whole thing. Jennette, we miss having you with us. I will try to stock pile pictures for you. Michelle, Lauren wants you to know DVD player made it and works fine, thank you. Dad thanks for the prayers and the churches. Happy Fathers day and thanks for continual pray and patience in me reaching a true walk with the Lord. Thank you so much for the help of your church in getting me here. I love you Sug, give my love to Ethan and Bri. Muah.


  1. Hello to all in the matchless name of Christ Jesus ! Sharing the gospel of Jesus is powerful. Expect lives to be changed, chains to be broken, and hearts to be mended. The calling of mission work is an act of obedience, and my prayer is that each of you follow the still quiet voice inside that called you to Haiti, and hear God’s desire to use you as you labor in His harvest. Stay in prayer daily, and hourly, without ceasing as our brother Paul did. I will continue to pray, and many others too.

    Phil, I am so enriched and blessed to hear from you personally. Jeanne, Kasai, Zhia, K.J., Philemon, Whitney, and Arianna spent part of Fathet’s Day at Binder Park Zoo. We had a blast! The park offered free admission to all fathers, and I believe every father in Battle Creek and Kalamazoo showed up, because the lines were long, and there was quite a wait getting in. We all misses you, plus Craig called. Stay strong in the Lord and the power of His might. I love you much. Tell the team, especially the children that I love them and adore them.

  2. Jd, hi my love!! I watched this site all night and didn’t see any posts. It is now 2:00 am and of course I am awake can’t sleep much these days and decided I would check again and to my surprise the posts where there yay!! I love the pictures so much they are amazing! I am happy to hear that u took it easy today as I know u have not been feeling well. We love u so much and you are yet again going to be an amazing father to our little girl. God is so amazing! Keep the post and pictures coming!
    Love you Jd!
    Ethan and I are so proud of u and miss u bunches.

  3. So happy to see the pictures! Glad you all made it safe. The team is in our prayers. Lauren wishes she could be there with you. Thanks for praying and supporting her through her difficult time. The results are in and there is no cancer! Thank you LORD! I pray that God does miraculous things while you are there and long after you return. Can’t wait to see your next post.

  4. So glad that some of the same kids remember you guys! I know Ryan really misses Adonise! Give them all hugs from us! Keep up the good work and yes JD u better be taking TONS of pics. Ill keep Jamie company while ur gone. Love you lots! -Jennette

  5. Jennifer,
    I miss you. You are not supposed to scare the children with “Mop”!! I Love You, my elbow hurts again, I have been bugging your mom to send Jonathan home cause I miss the kids and Nick is being a pain. I think your mom is ignoring me now…LOL. Anywho…I guess I will write again if anything exciting happens today. I hope God has found a way to use you like He did last year!!

  6. sounds like day 2 was beautiful with church, story of Joseph skit, puppet show, Father’s day wishes and crafts. you truly bring God’s love and light to the Mole. Love you Matt, Lauren, Genesis & Kelilah. We are so proud of you & truely admire your devotion! Love & Prayers, Mima & Grandpa Howard

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