Crossroads Day 3

Hello to you all in the states!
We have finished our first full day of working! This morning, we painted inside the house being built for the missionaries. We prayed and sang praises over their house, and wrote Bible verses and positive messages on the cement floor (which will be tiled over).

In the afternoon, we had our first VBS. We fed them lunch, and then Mop (my puppet) came out and entertained everyone. Matt shared the first part of the story of Joseph, and Phil tied the story to the children’s lives. We had a craft, a game, and had fun! Most of the kids were repeats from last year. It was so cool to see them again!
Joel, I am sorry I did not get to wish you a Happy Father’s Day yesterday. I love you and miss you! I am praying for your elbow and that you are not too bored. Kids, I love you, and you better be behaving! Older kids, I love you too, and I’m praying for each of you.
Love, Jennifer

Greetings friends and family in Christ!
We had a blast painting Jodi and Jose’s new home this morning, as we sang songs of praise to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! The first day of VBS went well, The children were extremely blessed and receptive. Quite a few were apart of VBS last year so we know they were impacted by the Word of God, crafts, and games. God is truly amazing and using us all for
His glory.

I miss praise and worship and the sermons at Crossroads Calvary Chapel and all my church family. I love and miss you all very much. I miss my two wonderful sons Maurice and Kyle very very much.

Love Always,

Hello: Eunice and fellow brothers and sisters,
Haiti: what a experience beautiful chocolate thin kids with big smiles. They give a new meaning to  Klingon once you show them some affection. They teach us all how to love a stranger. They are strong willed respectful, powerful worshipers, only to go home to what we wouldn’t call home. But God has a plan for these beautiful children, and I am blessed be yound words to be a part of the plan. May god Bless you for you prayers.

Love Philemon: the one Jesus Loves

It has been another great day in the Mole. Started morning out working on the house. Then we had our first day of VBS. A lot of the kids where the same ones as last year. This is great, to keep preaching Jesus on them continually will hopefully change their life. It was tough turning some away. We just have to pray the Lord blesses those ones in another way. I love you Jamie. U and Lil Man are always on my mind. I am a lucky man to have the family I do and to be able to grow it. Thanks for the prayers from everyone and keep praying that we exert our all into this trip to change lives. Phil was saying that if these kids aren’t somewhere better 10 years from now it would feel like failure. I couldn’t agree more. I hope everyone sees the light of Jesus that we talk to. Love you bunches Sugar and give Ethan extra hugs and kisses for me. Muah. JD


  1. You guys look happy :-), we are praying that you stay healthy and safe. Love on all the babies, take lots of pictures and I cant wait to hear all about it when you return. God bless you.. maybe next year will be my year. Love you all

  2. My love…. I love you so much and miss you greatly! You and the team are doing amazing things! The Lord is working through you all! It’s so amazing to see what you are doing for these children it just touches my heart! You are an amazing person Jd, and know that u are touching all these children’s lives in major ways.
    Ethan says he loves you and has a surprise for you … I asked him what it was and he said he got u a new car!!! Wow you must be special because I didn’t get one. We love you my wonderful amazing husband!

  3. From a child growing up, I have always taken an active part in the ministry, especially sharing the Gospel. I want so badly to come to Haiti, and pray that one day I do. Reading the summaries of your day tugs at my heart; I am so blessed to read of your labor of love.

    When you see the conditions of these little warriors homes and daily struggle of survival, then one quickly realizes that you gave up nothing to preach the Word, but through faith you gained greater desire to share the opportunity of “salvation”, through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    My prayer: Father, thank you for blessing each of your laborers with faith, and peace with You throughJesus Christ. Thank You for strength as they glory in tribulations, because tribulation works patience, and patience, experience, and experience, hope, and hope does not made them ashamed, because the love of God is shed abroad in in their hearts by the Holy Ghost which you have given to them. In the name of Jesus, amen, and amen.

    1. Jennifer: Not sure you got the notes from the kids and me before…just wanted you to know we love and miss you and doing well. Please stay safe and we are praying for you..see you soon. Love,Jonathan, Jaclyn, Madison, and mom

  4. Hello granddaughters, GENESIS & KELILAH,and son, MATT & daughter, LAUREN, What beautiful pictures you and all the children colorored, saw you on the motorcycle too, WOW! Such a beautiful thing all the love from GOD shining thru you all to the children & families there. Following you daily, with love MIMA & GRANDPA HOWARD

  5. Hi Lauren (and family) Prayers for you all, you look so happy and it is awesome to see the love of Christ being spread and your dedication to this mission.
    Andria @ Guardian

  6. Hey guys I hope everything is going good. I really wish I could be there with you but God had a different plan so make sure you love on the children extra for me. Everyone looks so happy and the children look like they had a blast at VBS. Cant wait to see all the pictures and hear about all the stories when you come back. Lots of love<33

  7. Loved today’s post! The smiles of the children are wonderful. Can’t wait to read the next post. God bless you all. – Sandy

  8. TO Jennifer : i miss you VERY much and hope you have a superb time with those poor kids.i wanted to tell you that i am going to adventure landing with the youth and my friend Michel and my other youth friends. I love you and will comment to you very soon. -love jonathan
    From Jaclyn: I miss you and love you.I won most of the games the past 2 days. I hope the kids from Haiti are happy with MOP. I will talk to you again soon. sending a big hug.
    From Madison: I am having fun at Bible School..I got new teachers. I fell and hurt my knee but Nanny put a band aid on it. I get to eat ice cream Wednesday night..:) I love you and miss you. Pookie.
    Love ya Sis…all my friends loved the pic of you lovin’ on the children ..stay ya, mom.

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