Crossroads Day 4

Hello; sweetheart today was great, the kids are the loudest worshippers I have ever heard. They are a joy to be around. God is using the holly spirit to give me visions for the timoun children of God. Jesus will save them even here in Haiti. I love them dearly they are precious in his sight and mine. God Bless you.  Philemon

It is hard to believe that we have been here for 5 days already. I got a good jump on the plumbing in Jose and Jody’s new home. Hopefully I will be able to get the connections mostly done tomorrow morn. It is tuff only getting 3 hrs or so each day. But it is great to switch it up and go teach and play with the kids. Man we could use some more hrs in the day, lol. I miss you Jamie and Ethan. It will be great to hold you guys when I get back, can’t wait to see Ethan’s gift for me. Man I love that boy. Oh we started our tie die shirts today with the kids. They all looked so happy to be getting a shirt. It will be awesome to see 80 colorful shirts walking the streets. Again I love you so much Sugar and hope you and Brielle are doing good. Give my love to Lil Man. Muah.     Jedediah.

Greetings from Haiti! Today was day 2 of VBS and everything went well. It was extremely hot today but a great day. The children were amazing and had a lot of fun praising the Lord! Today we started tie-dying T-Shirts with the children and they were very grateful.  Praise God for what He is doing with the children of Haiti. I am so thankful that He has allowed me to be a part of it. To God be the glory!



  1. Hi my love!!
    I am so happy that you are doing well! It’s so amazing that The Lord has blessed you with a wonderful talent in construction and you are able to use that gift to help those in Haiti!! What a Blessing! The time is flying for u there I am sure but even in the short time you all are doing so much and taking so much back with you at the same time. God is moving in there lives but is moving in all of ours as well. God bless you all and we are praying.
    Jd, Ethan and I love you so much and miss you lots!! He did alot of swimming today and he is doing awesome! He loves to swim under water but still needs some help coming back up, He doesn’t think so though lol he says he is brave like daddy!. Brie is moving around so much more its amazing! Thank you for being the husband and father you are to our family!
    Love you!

  2. Phil, love is not measurable, it has no boundaries, it does not discriminate, or keep score, love is priceless, and reading the lines from your heart as you write exemplifies pure agape love. Sweet Phil, I love that about you. I can hardly wait until you return to share the good news from Haiti. God bless each of you. And may each day unfold incredible opportunities to bring in God’s harvest.

  3. Phil, you prayed that each of the sweet little princesses would attend VBS, and God has granted you your petition.

    Love has no boundaries, it can grow, but cannot be measured in a cup, or weighed on a scale, it does not keep a tally of the things you’ve done, it does not hurt, nor is it temperamental,… Love has no price, you can not buy it, love comes from God, therefore, it is not forced upon us to possess, love is a decision, and agape love never ceases.

    When you returned from Haiti last year, I saw a part of you that I had never seen, and it changed your life, and certainly changed mine. I saw love beyond your family and loved ones, I saw pure love shed abroad to even a stranger. Sweet Phil, thank you for opening my eyes to true kingdom ambassador love, along with ambassador actions. Each picture posted tells a story of love, as you and the Haiti team ministers the Gospel to the little children.

    You said the little children could really sing loud and praise God; I believe that when you have little distractions, God is who fills that space. I wish people everywhere would lift up their voices and sing. Maybe it is time for us to sing and dance like David danced!

    Love and misses my love,
    Eunice, the one whom Jesus loves

  4. Dear ButterPlums,

    It looks like you got to stay in the shade on the hottest day, getting meds ready etc. It was REALLY hot here yesterday too, and no rain…blaaaa. I see pictures of the kids on FB at VBS in Jacksonville daily and they appear to be having fun. Nick has cleaned the house and washed his clothes etc., because he thinks Noelle is coming over today. I shall remove his bedroom door from it’s hinges bahahaha!! Well, I see you are doing God’s work, and my elbow is a little better, and I am lonely and bored, and I have no one to cuddle with, and your side of the bed no longer smells like you because I have slept on it and you are not here to replenish the scent. I Loves You!!!

    Love, Joel

  5. such a beautiful thing seeing the children singing, praying, tye-dying (can’t wait to see pic of them all in their new shirts). all our love *& prayers for your safety & well being as you shine the GOD’S loving light on these gentle people. so proud of you MATT, LAUREN, GENESIS &* KELILAH. LOVE, MIMA & GRANDPA

  6. Hi Veronica!!!!! Girl I am praying for you and am so happy God has opened this door for you to be able to go to Haiti. I love ya girl and I’m keeping all of you in my prayers. I love the pics and all the notes of love and support. See you when you get home. Charlene Sutton

  7. I am so thrilled to see God blessing you all and the people there in Haiti! We are praying for you, and will continue to do so until you are safe at home. Miss all of you (especially my two favorite blonde haired young girls). You know who you are, Genesis and Kelilah.

  8. Can’t wait to see how the shirts turn out. That was a great idea. Love to see the smiling faces. We pray for you all and the people of the Mole daily. Best wishes from me and Lauren (She is healing very quickly now and wishes she could be there.)

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