PVBC & Northside Day 1

Greetings from Haiti! Yesterday’s summer solstice was the longest day of the year in every way imaginable. After waking up in Miami around 3:30 am, we flew to Port au Prince to meet a bus for what we were told would be an 8-16 hour trip to The Mole. The 8 hour buffer was built in to account for breakdowns, which we were told happened frequently and without warning. Ours occurred on a left hand turn just past a gathering of animated Haitians listening to a speaker we learned was the president. Despite the weathered appearance of the bus (I hope one of our pictures gets posted!) it was fully equipped with a team of resourceful mechanics who arranged for the welding and re-installation of the bus’s drive shaft in less than 3 hours. The rest of the trip—our journey clocked in at about 13 hours– will remain a tale for another day, but the thing that stood out for me was the Importance of Bringing Your Lunch.
Although this idea could be taken literally (nuts and dried berries only go so far), the metaphoric application of the maxim is even more powerful. I once heard a memorable sermon on the little boy who showed up to hear Jesus with a simple lunch of fish and loaves. And that’s all he did: he showed up—prepared, and with a receptive heart.
We can’t control our circumstances here, but the idea is to bring our lunch: to seize the opportunity to talk with Haitians about their excitement over their new president while our bus is repaired, to play with children. And then watch how God multiples our small offerings—just as he did with the loaves and fish.
(Quick note: our wifi situation is different than it has been for some of us who have come in the past. The blog is the only way we have to communicate with you so please leave comments for us to hear at dinner!)

Hello family and friends. What a first full day in Haiti. We woke up bright and early for breakfast up at the missionary’s home. Fresh made biscuits with jelly and peanut butter.
After breakfast and a great devotional time we split up to start the Lord’s work. Several people went to assist with some construction items at the new cafeteria that is being built. The rest of the team went by boat to a small secluded fishing village called Kapafu. The ride there was great and the Caribbean Ocean is beautiful. The village consisted of about a dozen grass huts. As we approached the Haitian villagers stood on the shore waving to us. They have not had many visitors recently so they were very happy to see us. While we were there we got to play Frisbee with some of the kids and several of the ladies painted the finger nails of the little girls. The children also enjoyed playing duck, duck, goose and ring around the rosy. The men of the village are serious dominoes players and we did not stand a chance. We were sad to go and I think they felt the same. It can be easy sometime to show God’s love and it sure was at this village.
Later in the afternoon we took an hour long prayer walk through the Mole. We stopped and several locations including the jail, schools and several new constructions on the mission campus. Prayer is strong and they need our prayers in Haiti.
We did get about an hour to swim and as I said before the Caribbean is just beautiful, just like the Haitian people.
Please continue to pray for our team, the missionaries and the people of Haiti. God is at work here! We closed the evening with the song ‘God of This City.” My prayer is that the efforts of God’s church with His power will make this happen.
Please send us some message back, we will read them each night as a group.
God is good!!
Scott C

So we arrived in the Mole late Friday night. Today we stated running “pounding the ground,” which is the mission’s motto for the summer. We sorted through 14 suitcases of supplies in preparation for the week’s activities which includes supplies for the medical clinic and children’s church tomorrow morning. After a delicious lunch of beans and rice we took a boat ride to the small fishing village, Preskul. Pat told the story of the Good Samaritan but as a “Good Neighbor”. Afterwards, everyone including adults colored pictures and decorated a bag for some treats we had brought them. While we were ministering with the village, Gayla and Sarah D. were working on the water cistern. The children enjoyed the bubbles and the candy. One man told us how much he appreciated everything we were doing and was praying we would still come back and was also praying for us. We were also privileged to have been sung to by the village of Preskul, the song sounded like Amazing Grace but when we were told the translation the words were about playing and smiling! It has been beautiful here and we are looking forward to everything yet to come. Please pray for our team this week as we travel to the other villages for clinic and VBS. We love and miss you guys!! If you leave comments below we will be able to read them!
Lisa and Sarah W.

There was some trouble uploading the pictures tonight so I’ll try to get more posted in the morning!
Intern Emily


  1. Jenny…it was so good to hear of your safe arrival. I prayed that God would provide a plane for you, but it seems He had different plans. Perhaps there is a lesson there?
    I have been praying that our big God would use small folks like all of you to do mighty things! I can’t wait to hear about all that God does in and through all of you! The children are missing you, but they are doing fine. We have been having good times! Love you bunches, Brian.

  2. Reaching out to Jeanella… The girls and I are doing well… I see you made yesterday’s photo, standing in front of the bus with the drive shift failure… Glad you guys got it fixed efficiently, only making for a 13 hour trip… LOL. We love you, miss you and are praying for a productive week for you and the team!

    Stacy, Valerie and Savannah

  3. I was happy to read of your safe arrival!! I can’t help but to imagine that Shawn was one of the “resourceful mechanics” that helped to repair the bus!! I pray that you all have a safe, productive, uplifting experience. I can’t wait to see the pictures….It was good to at least catch a glimpse of Connor’s back from the picture taken outside the bus. Praying for you all!

  4. Cindy (& Brandon),
    So glad to hear all is well. Nothing too exciting to report here, but everyone has been asking about you. I’ll make sure they know where to look. I love you! Brad

  5. Blessings to you all and praise to our Father that Drew you to be in Hati,this week. It will change you and that effect will move through out many of us here. May God enrich the hearts with truth and love of a true Savior. Jenny…..you are exactly were you are supose to be. Beautiful timing. Regina

  6. Lisa and Sarah W., so glad to hear you have made it safely. What an adventure you’re having already! I have been overwhelmed to tears several times at how God is showing up and showing off 🙂 in such mighty ways. It also it’s blessing my heart to think about how God it’s using you. I can’t wipe the smile of my face thinking of you guys with the kids. I have a picture in my mind full of smiling faces and you two just living on those kiddos. Know you are being prayed for hard here on the goat farm. We spent our day in the hot sun putting up fence and God has brought you to my mind several times, knowing you are workung hard feeling the same hot sun. I love you two sweet friends. Our VBS starts this week and I’m teaching this verse, I just want to share it. I bet those sweet kids need this truth as much as we do day to day. What’s your fear today? Remember He’s got it!
    Psalm 56:3-4 ” Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in you. In God I will praise His word, In God I have put my trust, I will not fear. What can man do to me?”
    Love you and praying for you,

  7. PVBC Team: We are glad you all made it!!! In just about 13 hours…not bad:). We pray for you all to be used by God to make a difference. Be bold in your sharing!

    Lisa, we miss you very much and were excited to read your post. Evan is home and had a great time at camp. We had a welcome home dinner at Red Robin after church last night. Your dog has slept on the ground by your side of the bed both nights. All 4 of us miss you 🙂

    I liked the “Good Nieghbor” reference:)

  8. Sarah W. So proud of you for stepping out in faith and doing the Father’s work. Love you and miss you already. The kids are having a big time as always with their cousins. Praying that you are a blessing to those around you and that you grow closer to Him everyday!

  9. Jenny…a message from the children: Samuel says, “Thanks for the kisses. They are good. But, I didn’t touch them on my lips because I don’t like kisses!” Abigail says: “I love you a lot. I really miss you. I think you are the best mommy ever.” Nate says: “Mommy, play balls with me and Legos and blocks.” Gretchen did fine transitioning to Dottie. Love you bunches!

  10. Northside Team, Scott and Joshua,
    So happy to see that you all have arrived and begun the work God has set out for you and that your work is bringing joy to all. Today as I was missing you, it occurred to me that even though we are countries apart we were worshiping and communing together as we served the one true God.
    It was a bit alarming to hear that the doctor’s services were needed…praying for the owner of the hand.
    News from home… Rachel lost a tooth 🙂
    Praying for health and safety as you continue your work.
    Lifting you all up in prayer,
    Love and hugs (and kisses for Scott C.)
    Jen & Rachel Clemons

  11. Sarah D. We are all so glad of your safe arrival and we are praying that God will use you in a mighty and loving way. Hope your work on the cistern was successful and will be praying as you minister today to the medical needs of the Haitian people. Luv u, Dad

  12. Hi Northside Team!!!
    Praying for you all as you do the Lord’s work there in Haiti!! I wish i was there with you all! I am praying also for all the people you will come in contact with, that their hearts be open, their minds me open, and that the love of Christ flows out of each and every one of you and into the Haitian people. I also pray for your health and energy, and saftey. God Bless you all, and I look forward to all the updates of your trip!!!!!! Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Praying your message today effects the woman of Haiti for today and for years to come as they understand how beautiful they are to thier Creator!

    Stacy, Valerie and Savannah

  14. Northside Team–So glad you arrived safely. I’m enjoying the pictures of your ministries there. Praying you grow in your knowledge of God’s love for you and for the world.

    Pam Tison

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