PVBC & Northside Day 2

My experience today started with walking from the orphanage to the mission house and taking notice of all the Haitians dressed in their church attire. You could tell that today (Sunday) was a special day. It was a day to worship and relax. Under the covering of an old military tent stood several rows of homemade bench seating that housed all that wished to attend service. Seats were filled and many more were brought to accommodate all. Although most of the message this morning was spoken in Creole, it was clear that all had a passion to hear the message of our lord. Service was similar to that of Northside’s service. There was musicians, a choir, a moment to recognize new guests, a sermon and announcements. The congregation as a whole recited a few scriptures together including Psalm 148 and Hebrews 10:29. It was interesting to try and follow along in my Bible; a few words were similar to the English language. Many songs they sung were the same as we sing but it was difficult for me in the fact I only knew a few versus of the song from time to time and I did not have the words displayed on a large projector screen like at Northside. The Haitians seemed to be moved by Larry’s sermon as it was translated. They praised the Lord as we do after a touching moment.
After service it was fun to see two of our younger team members interact with members of the music team and coordinate a few songs together. They seem eager to play together and they were delighted at the opportunity. Much of the rest of the day was spent relaxing, spending time with the orphans and getting together for our evening devotion.
Tom Des Lauriers III

This afternoon we did eye exams for 14 staff members. 4 of the members could see 20/20 and needed no glasses at all. 6 members needed glasses for distance and 3 members needed glasses for reading and 1 gentleman we were unable to help. One of the ladies put on her reading glasses and with a smile from ear to ear, said “Give me my Bible” to try to read and her smile got even bigger. Sue did haircuts for Jose and his children. Shorter haircuts in this climate can be a lot more comfortable.
Kenneth Smith

The Pleasant Valley Team led Children’s Church today. Around 70 children were in attendance and varied widely in age. To open the service, the children sang a few songs in their language. Some of the songs included motions and they all participated fully. It was so joyful to listen and watch them. We shared the story of the Good Samaritan and asked the children, “Who do you think showed the most love?” They all responded the third man. We asked what they could do to help someone and they said “Pray” and “Bring them food.” We had a poster of an outline of a child and let the children “help” that child by putting a Band-Aid on them. The interpreter read them the verse which is John 15:17 where Jesus commanded us to love one another. They recited that one and many more verses they had already memorized. The craft was to decorate a “gift bag” to give to someone who they could help. The bags were filled with candy, Bubbles, sunglasses etc. They colored sheets from today’s lesson. The Team sang for the children also. We closed in prayer.
Pat Larimore, Pleasant Valley Baptist Church

The internet decided to work great tonight so I got some pictures from yesterday and today posted!
Intern Emily


  1. Sarah W – Happy 13th Anniversary LOML! Praying you are having great success in Mole! Hope you help so many of those wonderful children! Such a better present than I could ever hope to provide.

  2. Loved seeing the pictures of everyone put and about. Jenny, it was great to see you in Preskul. I remember it very fondly! I hope today was an awesome day of ministry! Continuing to pray that God would use small people to do big things! He always does, you know! Me and the kids are doing fine. First day back summer school went well! Love you bunches, Brian.

  3. I miss the Northside Team and pray God shines on each of you to touch the hearts of the Haiti people. Hi Lexie and Mickie! Love you all, Curtis

  4. Praying for you all every day and we are so proud of our Northside Team. It is wonderful to read the blogs to hear about the amazing work you all are doing. And to see the pictures and happiness on the faces of the people you are helping. You are missed and loved at home and we will continue to pray for your ministry. Josh and Tyler say “Hi Tom. We miss you!” 🙂 Love you, Traci

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