Meridian Day 6

What an amazing day!  We went to a nearby fishing village, Carnage, to do VBS about heaven and hut-to-hut evangelism.  It was a dark place; more difficult than the others we’ve visited.  The children and adults laughed at our silly “Toodly Tah” song.  Barb & Bethany told them about heaven using a comb (God knows the hairs on your head & you are special), flashlight (Jesus is the light), cake mix (never hungry), water (never thirsty), crown (God has chosen you and you are a prince or princess because you are a child of the King), white shirt (clothes will be white, never dirty).  We also played games and gave them skin stickers (tattoos).

Although all were originally scared of hut-to-hut, it has been such a blessing to get to know the Haitian people at their houses.  We asked how we could pray for them and they are just like us – having concerns about providing for their families.  We also told them how Jesus is the light of the world then gave them a solar light to help them remember that He is.

The women’s Bible study concluded today with Ruth & Rahab who were from pagan nations but who turned away from their families’ beliefs and only listened to the One True God.  We played a game where 3 women described 3 different pictures at the same time.  The women had to draw what only 1 of the women was saying.  Their pictures showed that they were listening to the wrong woman.  We told them that they needed to only listen to God’s voice but they would hear other voices also.  They smiled and nodded – – the light came on and made all our effort so worth it!!  They also finished their paper bead necklaces.  They shared their beads with women who had less and all the necklaces were absolutely beautiful (we had had our doubts).  We took a picture of these beautiful women with their beautiful creations.

We intend to continue to pound the ground for another day, hoping to make a few more inches toward the goal!

Sharon Snivley

This afternoon the men went back into town to play sports with the youth.  This time Barb and Susan came along to help us reach the girls.  As it was the last time we brought sporting activities to the town, it didn’t take long to draw a crowd of young children and teenagers.

There were two young girls that were about the same age as my granddaughter (9).  When I reached out to one of them and offered a jump rope or a frisbee for her to play with, she pulled away, out of what was more fear then shyness.  However after seeing us begin to play with her friend she soon warmed up to us.

Barb and Susan played jump rope and baseball with a bunch of kids while the three of us guys played football and Frisbee with the older boys.  I am amazed at the trust we were able to build with these kids in such a short time – just by giving them our time and attention.  This is a lesson God will be sending home with me.

A while later, the two girls I had mentioned earlier skipped out sight, jump ropes in hand.  We had assumed they and the jump ropes were gone.  Shame on us!  Ten minutes later they came back and offered each of us the gift of some type of fruit or nut they had found for us.  In only an hour they had trusted us more than we had trusted them.  They were returning the love we had shown them.  Another lesson learned.

I came here to love and serve others.  Instead, my contributions have been meaningless compared to what God and the children of Haiti people have done for me.  I will be leaving here a changed man.  Thank you LORD.

Art O’Strander

The internet was really struggling to upload pictures tonight. So I only have one picture for now, but I will try to upload more in the morning.



  1. Hello, Meridian! And hello, Katie Lyon! Saw the picture of you sitting up, asleep! That tells us you have been giving “your all” to God and the Haitian people! Surely God is saying, “Well done!” We can’t wait to see you tomorrow night in Detroit. Love you tons! Love, Mom and Dad xoxox0x0

  2. Louis Giglio once wrote that the best way to view life is through the lens of God’s greatness, goodness and GOD-NESS every day. (from his book, I am not but I know I AM). I thank the Lord for showing us His goodness, greatness, and GOD-NESS through your loving work in Haiti!! Blessings and we pray safe travels home for you all! Amy Brace (Bethany’s Mom)

  3. Don’t be surprised about the snickers at your song. You r doing powerful work there and satan isn’t going to like that. You r going to be attacked because you r in his territory but God is protecting you. My vote is for the god of angel armies.

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  4. Well holy cow, Dad and Susan! about time I found the link to this website! I mean, Susan, if you were at all normal you would put something on facebook before you left to say “I’m going to Haiti. Read my blog. Here is the link” But hey, I guess that’s IF you were normal. 😉

    Well, now I’m up to date on your adventures. Sounds AWESOME! I’m jealous. Can’t wait to hear more about it and see more pics!

    I think to myself, “ugh, no air conditioning in my car.” Then I remember that I have a CAR! and the physical and cognitive ability to drive it! ….well, except for when I ran that red light in Nov. and crashed it…. Anyways, I hope you’re surviving the heat! Thinking of you both.

  5. Hi Miss Susan. I miss you. Miss Susan, I hope you are feeling good and you are not sick. Miss Susan, I hope you fly back safely on the airplane. It was fun when we went to the Dairy Expo. I milked a cow then I stuck my hand in a cow and felt the food in it.
    – Matthew

    I hope you fly back safely. I hope you had fun playing in the water. I hope you have fun there. It’s gonna be fun when we go bowling. I miss you a hundred-million.
    – Nolan

    I love you, Miss Susan. I miss you a lot and you’re awesome, Miss Susan.
    – Demetrius

    Don’t worry about me,I have five people to play ball with and Mike cooks me up really good steak and they all cuddle with me and feed me a lot. -Mya

  6. What a week! Can’t believe its almost over! I have been reading all week about the things you have been accomplishing for the kingdom of God and am amazed! What an experience in seeing that so many people in this world are searching for Jesus. I am so proud of all of you and can’t wait to see you. Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone and being the hands and feet of Jesus.
    I will be praying for you and your trip home.

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