Finishing the Summer Day 1

From the Farrington Group:  We are here- perhaps against the odds, but we made it!  God used the ten hour bus ride to humble us as His servants and bring to us to Mole St. Nicholas safely.  But, that’s a longer story that we would love to share with you upon our return.  However, we will tell you about today.  After breakfast, we toured the city- which has a beautiful, old fort- and arrived back at the mission in time for lunch.  Then, we invested some time in organizing all the supplies that you all helped us to collect over the last several months- thank you again.  After sorting everything, we took a short walk to the beach and swam in the clearest water some of us have ever seen.  It was amazing! We could count our toes from above the water’s surface.  Upon returning to the mission, we spent some quality time with the kids from the orphanage next door in the mission.  They all just wanted to hug and play and filled us all with laughter and smiles.  Just after dinner, we shared a time of worship with the other mission team and the interns working here at the mission.  We can easily say that we are tired.  But, we are praying for God’s strength and spirit to fill our hearts for the remainder of the trip.  He has delivered us this far and we have faith that He will see us through.  Please keep us in your prayers as we continue in our adventure.  Enjoy the pictures!


Colleen, Tori, Emilea, Chris, Tim, Frank, Dawn, Shelby, Caitlin, Ron, Alex, Kyle, and Megan

We’re here safe and sound!  The bus ride was an adventure!  They said that we made it here quicker than any other team has…I assure you it did not feel like it!  There were a couple times in the middle of the night that I grabbed Bob and jumped with him to the other side of the bus because of the bumpy ride. Day 1 was unbelievable!  First and foremost, we have an AWESOME leader named Emily.  We had a good breakfast and then got a tour of the community.  It was very neat seeing how things operate here.  We have plenty of pictures and I’m trying to get as much video as I can.  We went to the beach this afternoon….SWEET!  It’s like being on vacation in the Caribbean, minus the cold towels and drinks.  At 4 we went and spent 2 hours in the orphanage until dinner at 6.  Talk about making me miss my kids even more.  I first had a little girl who thought I was the funniest person ever.  She was probably 2 and wouldn’t leave my side.  Then there was this little boy who was probably 3 or 4 who LATCHED onto me.  He didn’t say anything and it was pretty hard to get him to smile, but each time I tried giving him to someone else he would start to cry and reach out for me.  Prayer time and devotion time is so overwhelming.  You can feel God’s presence here.  Each time we talk about Him or praise Him I can’t keep the tears back.  On a side note, Jasmine and Jessica just got their hair braided.  Well, I’ll get off here as the next group is waiting on me, but I wanted to let everyone know that God has great things planned for us!  Megan – Happy 10 year anniversary!  You are the world to me.  Please tell the kids I love them.  I love you too!!!!!  Can’t wait to see you!



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  1. Glad to hear you all made it safe and had a great first day! We are praying for you all everyday!! Love you tons Eric!!

  2. So glad to hear you are all okay. Been praying hard and can’t wait to see you all and hear the stories and how God is working through you all and even changing your hearts. This is something Ive always wanted to do but in Africa. so even though I know its rough and not “fun” like a cacation by any means, im jealous. Love you guys so much! God Bless.

  3. I am praying you will continue to see the joy and change you are bringing to so many that you meet each day. 10 hour bus rides in not the best conditions always made me think of Jesus walking everywhere or traveling by smelly fishing boats! Enjoy the simple time and the Kingdom work you will be doing and the truly life changing people you meet. Praying for safety & witnessing opportunities!

  4. So excited for what God has is store for you and those you share with! May He poor blessings on you all. Continuing to pray for His work to be done and safe travel. God bless you all:)

  5. Glad to hear everyone made it okay. Praying for you all. Jasmine, just remember what I said, Love everyone, God made it easy for you to do. We miss you. Love Dad and Jenny

  6. Oh team Rossville what an amazing time you must be having serving our Lord this week I have just shed many tears of joy as I have been reading the comments from Eric. Love on those precious children for me.

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