PV Fall Trip…Day 3

Hello PV family and friends,

What an awesome day God gave us!  Early rise and shine, breakfast with the mission staff and then we headed to Preskul.  Preskul is a small village across the bay from the mission.  Getting there involved carrying two large containers of beans and rice, lunch (three very large bowls of cooked beans and rice prepared by the wonderful cooks at the mission), dominoes, Bible study for the kids, women and children to the beach to wait for the boat.  Twelve of us loaded into the boat and headed across the bay.  Lunch was served; Rick led a Bible study with the men and the ladies read Bible stories to the women and children and did a craft project on the cross.  We headed back to the mission watching the lightning over the land and praying for a safe trip back.  Had a COKE when we got back!  What a treat!  In the afternoon, Rick had a Bible study on James 1 and 2 with seven men from the church.  The women played with the kids at the orphanage.  We are heading now to a baptism with the church.

God is good!!!

**FYI – there were 8 baptisms tonight!

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  1. I’m smiling as I type this thinking of all that your are doing there. Every moment intentional. So excited that Rick had 7 men show up for the study. God is showing you a harvest of the many seeds planted and you are sowing and watering seeds too that will be a harvest for His Kingdom. We are praying for God’s strength to keep you going over the next week – so thankful for each of you! To God be the Glory! Debbie

  2. I’m so glad you all had safe travels to Preskul and that you got to spend some time being the light and loving the wonderful people there! Praying for you as you continue God’s ministry this week! Keep running hard and finish each day completely empty. He will give you just what you need to keep going.

    Also, I LOVE this beautiful picture of the baptisms!!! Wish I could have been there to welcome my new Haitian brothers/sisters to the family, but I know there’s partying in heaven! God is sooo good!!!

    1. Good morning what a Blessing you are at Haiti teaching God’s word leading others to Christ keep up the good work love to all mom

    2. good Tuesday morning to all what a Blessing to God you are making for leading others to Him keep up the good work love Diane and Ron


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