PV Fall Trip…Day 4

Hello Missouri! It’s been a blessed Lord’s Day here in the Mole. The church here has seen many changes over the past year…just as the community has experienced many changes. When we worshiped with them last year the church was in turmoil. Part of the church had been burned and they were pastorless. There seemed to be a dearth of leadership. A message about the things which threaten to divide us seemed very appropriate. Music was led by a solitary woman singing accapella. We were blessed to worship with them, but it was very different.

As we went this year, we found a repaired tent and a worship band composed of talented young adults from the Mole.  We found an energetic, loving pastor and a growing group of male leaders. The women have studied James this summer and we began the same study with the men yesterday. It seemed an appropriate time to tie this all together with a message on the power of community…also from James. It was a privilege to spend time worshiping with them today.

The ladies from the team led children’s church today and they had a great time singing, telling stories and coloring with the kids. That said…the two hour service was a little longer than they had hoped for. They loved the kids, but it ended up being just a little much.

Unfortunately, the battery on the computer is getting low on charge, so I’m going to have to leave it at that. We’ll catch you up on the rest of our day tomorrow.

God Bless…Rick


Sorry guys. We keep having technical issues getting pictures uploaded.

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