A Show Stopper…

A Show-Stopper – Sondley

Today I want to circle little Sondley in prayer! He is such a sweetheart and cutie! He has a sweet little smile that’s always on his face! I love this smile! This little guy loves being in the spotlight, he loves to join his older sisters in singing, even if that means coming to steal the show! He loves playing with his brothers; him and Sony are quite the pair and they love to play games together! Sondley loves to be around people, to be picked up and held and carried around. He’s such a sweetheart but he’ll put on a grumpy face if you try to leave him! But his sweet toothy grin and little laugh makes it hard enough to say goodbye! I definitely miss this little one a lot!

Today I’m praying that Sondley keeps his adorable, show-stopping smile all through life and uses it to show the joy and love of Christ to others! I pray that he uses all that he does to point to God, to put Christ in the spotlight. I pray that he’ll always have an eye out for his brothers and sisters, in the orphanage and in the church, and that he’ll be quick to befriend them and love on them. Praying he’ll never forget the love shown him and the importance of the friends he’s made and that this will prompt him to show those same characteristics to others. Praying that sponsors will join his family tree! That they’ll step forward to be a part of this sweet boy’s family! There is room for 4 more! Check it out here:


Look at cute little baby Sondley!

Photo credit: NWHCM

Photo credit: NWHCM

Now look how much he’s grown! But he’s still got his sweet smile!

Photo credit: NWHCM

Photo credit: NWHCM

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