A Spunky Sister & a Thoughtful Brother…

A Spunky Sister & a Thoughtful Brother – Bebe & Magislot

Today a double feature highlighting both spunky Bebe and sweet Magislot! These two kids have a huge part of my heart, I just love them so much! I feel like I could say that for every post from this month that I’ve featuring the kids from the Mole orphanage! My heart is just overflowing with love! I honestly love all these kids so much, every single one of them has such a special place in my heart and I just want to cover them with prayer and hope that others can see what I see in them too. These precious kids are so great and all unique in their very own ways and I’m just praying that as we wind up this month of October (can you believe it’s already over?!) that we will continue to keep all these kids in our hearts and minds and that we’ll continue to circle them in prayer. I pray that more sponsors will still join these family trees, that people will commit to loving and caring for these kids through prayer and financial support and I pray that these family trees will become fully funded! I pray that each kid has a full grown family tree of support and that these family trees will come together to form a forest of sponsorship that will glorify God. Maybe it won’t all happen today, or even this month, but I pray that God will continue to call and work on the hearts of those He wishes to involve in this process and most of all, I pray that we keep believing that He is working and it will all work out in His perfect timing. I’m praying for the forest for the trees and all these kids and many more who challenge and inspire me in my faith and yet still need others to come alongside them to encourage them.

Photo credit: Emily Spring

Anyway, today I want to circle Bebe!!!  This girl is full of spunk and has a unique, standout personality! She is such a sweetheart and is a joy to be around, mostly because her heart is so full of joy! She has a great smile that is always on her face and she just loves life! She loves playing with her brothers and sisters and she is such a great leader to the little ones! She loves to sing and have fun and be silly! Honestly, she’s just a little fireball of energy and joy! She is full of a fiery zeal for life and a compassionate heart committed to helping lead others. Her confident and content spirit make her stand apart from the world. I pray she will be unafraid to always be herself and stand up for herself. I pray she will continue to stand boldly and confidently for her faith and that these qualities with continue to draw people in to ask the question, why? I pray that when the questions come, Bebe will be ready to explain why she can have such joy and trust in the midst of any circumstances and why her faith can withstand it all. I pray that she will grow to have this kind of faith and continue to rely on the Lord for her joy and that she would trust Him to fill her spirit and be enough for her each day. I pray she will continue to lead her siblings in song and prayer and that she will help encourage them to grow in their faith as well.  Praying that there will be those who feel called to join Bebe’s family tree and support her and encourage her growth. Praying that Bebe will be fully sponsored as these 7 spots are filled with people committing to be a part of her family! Check out her sponsorship page here to learn more:


Photo credit: Emily Spring

Bebe and Magislot love the swings!

Photo credit: Emily Spring
Photo credit: NWHCM

Today I also want to circle sweet and serious Magislot in prayer! This little guy is such a thinker, I feel like he’s always pondering something and he has that serious look in his eyes! Magislot faces a lot of health struggles but that doesn’t stop him from living life to the fullest! He too has such an inexpressible joy, it bubbles up and overflows from his heart and I absolutely love his sweet smile and laugh! He is such a sweet and compassionate kid, I feel like God is growing a spirit of service and selflessness in him as he helps out the orphanage mamas and watches over his brothers and sisters. Today I just pray that he keeps his sweetness and compassion throughout life and that he’ll never hesitate to extend a helping hand to those in need. I pray that God will place people in his path that he can love on and care for as he realizes that everyone is fighting their own battles. I pray that God will also bring great and caring people into his life to love on him and encourage him as he grows in faith. I pray that there will be those who filled call to commit to financial supporting Magislot and caring for him as a part of his family tree! There’s room for 6 more! Here’s his sponsorship page:


Photo credit: Emily Spring

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