Our post for today features this fun and friendly guy!

Photo credit: Emily Spring

Presley Jeune
Birth date: 07/10/07
Description: Reflective Leader
Faves: Soccer, coloring,
playing games outside
BFFs: all his brothers!

Today we are featuring our friend Presley here who is a world-changer in the making! This little guy is such a respective and reflective leader as he looks out for the needs of others and often can be seen sitting thinking through things! Presley is another kid who is a great help behind-the-scenes as he helps along his little brothers and sisters or helps the mommas in whatever they’re doing. His respectful and caring heart draws him to those in need and it pulls people in to want to get to know him better.

Photo credit: Emily Spring

Presley loves his brothers especially and they are all always hanging out together! They love running around outside, playing soccer or other games. He is another one of those quiet leaders in this group of older boys and he helps guide them in what they are doing. I know that Presley will always have his brothers’ backs and he truly does care and love them with a pure, sacrificial type of love. He is also a protector of his younger brothers and will watch out for them as well.

Photo credit: Emily Spring

This kid loves to have fun and laugh! He has a big sweet smile that is almost always on his face and his joy is just overflowing from his life. Today I have been praying for this guy and the man he’ll one day become. I’m praying that he will follow God’s will in his life as he obeys in the day to day. I pray for the world-changer I believe he will become, that God will use him in mighty ways to advance the kingdom no matter where he finds himself, that he will continue to shine as a light in the darkness as he lets his joy overflow. I want to pray that Presley will use his joyous and caring spirit to further influence the lives of those around him.

Philemon 1:7
"Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you, brother, have refreshed the hearts of the saints."

Photo credit: Morgan Brouk

Currently, there is room for 2 more in Presley’s Family Tree! Would you consider sponsoring this sweet boy and becoming a part of his family support system for only$30/month! Presley would love to bring you in as friends and family. This little guy has so much love and joy to share with the world, won’t you be a witness to the world-change he will be bringing about? He is almost fully sponsored and you can help contribute to that! Here’s a link to Presley’s Family Tree page so you should definitely check it out!

Photo credit: Morgan Brouk

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Photo credit: Morgan Brouk

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