Today is the day for this crazy cheerful child!

Photo credit: Emily Spring

Wilgens Esteve
Birth date: 04/18/08
Faves: playing ball/soccer, running outside,
playing with his brothers, taking photos
# of sponsors needed: 1

Today we are circling this silly guy, Wilgens!

Wilgens loves to be silly! He is one hilarious kid and he is one to do the unexpected, you never know what’s coming with him! He tells jokes, makes silly faces, or is just an all-around goofball to make those around him laugh.

Photo credit: Emily Spring

This little guy has really grown into his personality these last few years. Though Wilgens is a fairly quiet and reserved guy, sometimes his spunky and silly side comes out! And even more so lately! He has such a joy that overflows into his relationships with others, he creates a joyful and cheerful atmosphere. His contentment and thankfulness seem to come straight from the heart and serve as a basis for his all-around joyful attitude.

Photo credit: Emily Spring

Wilgens, like many of his brothers, loves to play soccer or other ball games, run around outside, or play at the beach. He loves his brothers and hanging out with them and being silly together.

Photo credit: Emily Spring

These boys are all particularly great at taking hilarious photos together, and man, do they love to take photos! They are the kings of random silly photo-shoots and Wilgens leads them all in this!

Photo credit: Emily Spring

Photo credit: Emily Spring

Today I want to pray for this sweet, joyful child. I pray that Wilgens will never lose his cheerfulness, that he will never let life’s circumstances rob him of this joy. I pray that Wilgens will mature in his faith as he grows older and come to rely even more on God as his joy and peace. I pray that his life will come to serve as an example to others of the provision of God as he trusts and praises God even through the trials and troubles. I pray others will question this unshakable hope and that Wilgens will always be prepared to give an answer to those who ask. I want to circle this verse in prayer for Wilgens today.

Romans 15:13
"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope."

Photo credit: Morgan Brouk

So, guess how many more sponsors Wilgens needs to join his Family Tree to be fully funded?? Just 1 more! Would you be the one to join Wilgens’ Family Tree and become involved in his life through sponsorship? Help NWHCM create one more fully funded sponsorship tree by donating a mere $30/month! Check out Wilgens’ Family Tree site here to learn more!

Photo credit: Emily Spring

Be sure to also check out our older posts about Wilgens and see how a few years have made a difference in this sweet cheerful child’s life!



Photo credit: Emily Spring

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