Upcoming Christmas Festivities …..

We are on night 8 of our 10 nights of Christmas Movies! This year has been a real success with an average of 130-150 people each night! Not only do we have lots of little kids and adults – BUT we’ve got tons of teenagers coming too! This special event has opened some doors for us as we’ve had 25-30 teenage boys coming consistently every night!

These movies lead up to the special 24th Christmas Eve Service where we will be serving hot chocolate & peanut butter sandwiches….. while watching the Nativity Movie!

I shared this on my blog a few days agoPierre has spent the past several weeks with his family in Port-au-Prince. He just came on the bus and arrived tonight. He told me that he was sitting on the bus and as they got closer to the Mole everyone began talking about how beautiful our campus was. They were saying how it really brightened our street and how their kids loved walking by there every night. They said they had never seen anything like that before. They also commented about what a great thing it was we were doing for the community by inviting ANYONE and EVERYONE to come see movies & get popcorn. He wasn’t apart of the their conversations but just listening to everyone as they talked. It was such an encouragement to me. I know people think I am crazy when it comes to Christmas and decorating – but I KNOW why I do it.

This is just a testimony to why the little things mean so much here…..and we couldn’t do those special things without your help! Thanks to your generous donations  – we’ve been able to make this Christmas extra special for our community!

This Christmas we are able to:

1) Have a special Christmas Meal with our staff tomorrow afternoon. Because of limited funds we weren’t able to have a Thanksgiving meal with the staff this year. This really broke my heart and theirs. Though tomorrow’s meal won’t be quite as big -everyone will walk away with full bellies and food to take home to their families!

2) We will be feeding 200 street children at noon on Christmas Eve!

3) We will be having a special Christmas Eve Service with enough hot chocolate & peanut butter sandwiches for 300 people!

4) On New Years Eve we will be hosting a special cookout for 200 people in our community! We will be roasting hot dogs, marshmallows, & enjoying cake & juice! We even have fireworks for midnight!

5) On New Years Day we will be passing out 600 BOWLS OF PUMPKIN SOUP!!! This is more than we’ve ever given out before!

THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! We’ve had to say NO to so many things these past few months but because you cared and sacrificed for us – we are able to say YES this Christmas season to so many wonderful things!

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  1. I’m praying that you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I know that you are touching lives for JESUS!! My prayer is that each kernel of popcorn, every tablespoon of peanut butter and every spoonful of soup draws someone into the arms of Christ. Praying that they feel His love through each event that you sponsor. Love you all!!!

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