Special Christmas Delivery….


Sorry….just needed to shout that out! I’m gonna Go Tell It On the Mountain that Jesus Christ is Born! 

This morning the Castillo Clan headed to the orphanage with Christmas Music blaring for a Special Christmas Delivery! Our 35 orphan residents received a brand new toy! They were SO excited – SO thankful- and SO surprised!

Back in August we shipped over special gifts for the orphans. Twenty-eight children received a brand new doll (no two dolls the same) along with a small figurine. Some of the older boys got a pile of figurines instead of a doll. Malaya, Rosie, & Mikela matched them up to who they thought would love them the most.

What’s cool is seeing all of them share their toys already! Many of the girls started sitting together and their dolls were already talking to each other! The ones who got the figurines were gathering together too – placing all their figurines on the table.

The children will have their Christmas Party when the team arrives. This was just something a little extra. It was my sweet girls who came up with the idea to give each orphan a new toy instead of just passing down the ones they have. Kids ministering to kids….doesn’t get better than that!!


Here’s a few video clips from our Christmas Delivery!

Here’s some pictures from this morning:

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