New Years Trip – BG and PVBC Day 3

We had a great day today! Today was the 2nd day of our conference for the younger kids. The team is really beginning to build (and rebuild) relationships with the children of the Mole. It’s so cool to see God’s love through the members of our team. It’s not hard to see when someone is able to love beyond their own physical abilities. God’s calling is more powerful than even our greatest ambitions. We just got back from the beach where we had a “huddle”, sharing our favorite moments thus far as well as prayer requests going forward. The team is in good spirits, and is getting used to life in the mole. Tomorrow we head to Preskul to share the freedom drama and pray over it’s citizens.

From Jared

Prayer Requests:
That the people of Preskul will be ready to receive the Gospel tomorrow

That we continue to work outside of our comfort zones

That we are able to rest (despite roosters, dogs, heat, etc.)

That we can be better at soccer (for the glory of God of course!)


The guys lost a soccer match against 7-10 year olds today 3-2

Jordan and Tim beat two Haitians last night in a dance off

We LOVE the beach


Today started early with the roosters crowing and the staff already hard at work preparing breakfast and maintenance of the base camp. The ladies of Bowling Green were excited for their work at the remote fishing village Preskul, that is only a hop, skip away on a short 30 minute boat ride. The ladies enjoyed the leisurely ride, beautiful landscapes, and azure waters. The team consisted of Mrs. Armstrong, Sarah, Lydia, Emily, Maddie, and 3 interpreters. The team was armed with plenty of nail polish, jump ropes, and salvation necklaces as they were not only the hands and feet of Jesus but also his smiling, loving face to a people who might only know the harsh realities of life. The team returned tired but spirits refreshed as they headed out to their afternoon ministries.

Lydia and Emily love being with the children housed at the orphanage and were able to enjoy spending time with a group of 5 boys and 5 girls who were treated to a trip to the playground and later able to use their imaginations with play-dough.

Maddie and Sharon went out to the town for street ministry and climbed the hill to the other part of town, painting nails and letting them know that Jesus loved them. We have discovered two things on this trip so far; the ladies really like being pampered when we do their nails and the children love “selfies”.

After a small regroup, other members of the team organized for tomorrows children’s party, while Sharon and Maddie worked on repairing sewing machines. After a delicious supper of rice and fresh fish, cookies are being cooked as I write, and the children from town have arrived for movie night. There are about 60 kids so far, intermingled with students, missionaries, each with one or two children on their laps complete with popcorn.

We ask for your continued prayers as we follow the Holy Spirit’s guidance in our work.

From Sharon


Please feel free to leave comments. Comment will be read each night at dinner!


  1. Thanks for the update, Jared. Glad to hear everyone is doing well. Jane and I will be praying for the freedom drama tomorrow, for the Holy Spirit to move mightily, as well as sound sleep for all of you. I’m not sure much will change with your soccer skills. I do know God has done great and mighty works in the past but for you all to beat the locals in a soccer game, that might be a bit much to ask. And I have seen Jordon and Tim dance. This is the most surprising news of all. 🙂 Praying for all of you. Love you, Mikayla! Our house has been awfully quiet and this is the longest your room has stayed clean (since you and Katie are both gone). And Jane is wearing your new clothes tomorrow 🙂

    Happy New Year to all of you!

    Jay Minnick

  2. I can’t tell you how much joy it brings to my heart to look at the pictures of everyone! You all look so happy! Emily Swiney….WOW, I love your hair! To the team from PVBC, I am praying for your specific requests and BG, I continue to pray for your light to shine bright! Love to all! PS – Emily, have you seen the goats yet?

  3. Hannah, we love hearing about what you are doing and love it when we get to see you in the pictures for the day! We can’t wait to hear and see more! Love, Mom and Dad

  4. Praying for your day in Preskul! Ditto what jay said about soccer…however, not surprised about the dance off!
    Love you all…Godspeed!

  5. emily not sure if you remember the worship leader at PV well before Pallo but it was Bennie Stofer. He is now at a church in Bollimg Green KY. Would be interesting if he is at the BG church that is where you are.

  6. You all seem to be having an amazing experience! I am praying for all your needs and those of the Haitians as well. Lydia you seem very focused on the domino games, will you be sharing your new skills when you get home? Love you all

  7. These pictures are awesome! You can really see how genuine the smiles are!! God is truly shining through every one of you to impact the lives of the people in Haiti! We’re praying the freedom drama goes well (You’ve practiced so much; It definitely will!) and for safety and for you all to keep being the wonderful hands, feet, and smiling faces of God you are!
    (P.S.- Tim I miss you and can’t wait to hear all the stories behind the awesome pictures you’ve been in! Keep on smiling! I love you! CONGRATS ON WINNING THE DANCE-OFF HAHAHA)
    With prayers and love,

  8. Wow! I have three words – “Look at Jesus” You all make us so very proud. I marvel at the work that you are doing, touching lives beyond what you can ever imagine. The stories and pictures warm my heart daily. I will pray for your day today in Preskul. I know the Lord will continue to use you mightily.

    I’m with Jay on the soccer, good luck with that 🙂 As for the dancing, yet again, no surprises there either that my boys, Jordon and Tim stole the show.

    Love you all!

    Momma Broadway

  9. Keep up the good work God is with you with His guidance and strength also praying God will be with you as you Witness to the people

  10. First of all, Dad’s comment ^^ is rude. Second of all, I love Kaley’s water bottle reppin’ Atlanta. You go Kaley. Third of all, Ben and I love looking at all the pictures and reading the posts. It’s awesome to hear how God is moving and the impact you’re making. I’m sure your presence means more than you’ll ever know or see. We are praying for the team and the prayer requests. ON IT. Love all y’all. Eat some rice and beans for Ben and I.

  11. I love to see all my Pleasant Valley peeps loving on all my Haitian peeps!! I’m praying that every smile, every hug, every painted fingernail, every lost soccer game, every moment will draw each and every one of you and them closer to Jesus. Love you all!! Jeanella, you look hot, girl!! I’ll let you figure out how to take that…lol…someone please give Miss Beth a giant hug from me!!

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