Swiney Family Update…Day 3

Unfortunately tonight we were having some computer issues so the Swiney Family did not get a chance to blog before they headed to bed for the night after a busy day of ministry. However, look forward to tomorrow for a longer update from them over today and tomorrow! 


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  1. We are at the VBS family night. As soon as I picked up Brileigha, she started saying “K.K., K.K, K.K., K.K,” over and over and over, holding my phone like she wanted me to show her a picture. Before I could show her a picture, everyone got quiet and somebody said the prayer. During the entire prayer, you could hear this sweet little voice saying over and over and over “K.K, K.K,K.K.” As soon as I showed her K.K.’s picture, she was good. 💞

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