Wolfforth~ Day 3

Bonswa! What a wonderful first few days we have been blessed with! Today we experienced a hard morning of construction, working on the new church building for the mission. Thankfully we were blessed with one of the “cooler” days, when in reality I still managed to pretty much sweat through my shirts and pants. Later on in the day, we went out and did what the mission calls hut-to-hut. Essentially this is heading up into the mountain village as a group and speaking love and life into the people there. One of the biggest requests that we received was that the Lord would bless them with rain (which is very relatable to how Lubbock was), and thankfully later in the day our prayers were answered! The Lord has really been showing up to us in a big way.

One of the biggest verses that has been really applicable to me so far has been Jeremiah 5:14, and the big part of the verse for me is “I will make my words in your mouth a fire and the people the wood that it consumes.” I feel that the Lord has even bigger plan in store for the team and I, and I know that it will not be just us that will be changed after this week.

So I have finished the end of my short speech in a way, and I hope that everyone will continue to keep us in your prayers!

Much love from the team and I,

Tucker Stevens

Ama, I love & miss you.

Mum & Dad, I’m safe.

Al Martin…*fist bump*


Hello Robinsons this is Captain Asher Robinson of the Haiti expedition we are doing fine and are doing the best we can with the language barrier but we shall prevail today we made new with the construction crew and now I must sign off goodbye.



  1. God is so good! I know Jody has most likely already told y’all this, but there are no coincidences in Haiti. When you ask God for rain and it rains, there’s not skepticism that it’s from Him.

    I’m asking the Lord to continue to show up in tangible ways, both to the Haitians and to y’all.

    Tuck, Jeremiah will tear you up, keep digging into it 👌

    I love y’all so much and hope it brings some joy to you to hear my words and know my prayers for you! I think I posted twice on your last blog on accident, but I wanted to make sure it reached you!

  2. Wow, hello beautiful friends, this is Hannah. It has been so so fun reading the blog the last three days and I basically cried the whole time I was reading the Ka Pa Fu post and looking at the picture of you all with the sweet babies at the prettiest beach ever. PRAISE GOD FOR RAIN AND A COOLER DAY!!! I hope you all feel refreshed and rejuvenated by the Lord. I’m praying so fervently for you all week. I adore you all so much.

    Ps. Taylor, I see your pineapple shirt. You look awesome.

    Anyways, have the best last half of your week, I love you all lots.

  3. Hello friends. I’m so glad you all are having such a great time. It is a blessing for those of us “joining” you from afar by means of prayer and this site.

    My girls look great. So proud to be the husband of Jodie, the father of Maddi and campus minister of Taylor. All you others rock as well. Hey Matt…fist bump back at ya.

    Have fun. Cling to the cross. Look for what Christ is already doing in your midst.

    Love you all.


    Ps. Mason has had two games so far and he has gotten on base safely in every at bat…Jodie is a proud momma. Jodie I don’t know why we scheduled to be apart for close to two weeks. I’m hating it. Lol.

  4. Pictures speak 1,000 words. The smiles on everyone’s faces are priceless. Continued prayers for all of you. Matter…you make me so proud. Xoxo

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