Wolfforth~Day 4

Hello Lubbock family,

Kade writing tonight, we’ve been doing crazy hard but rewarding work this week. We have been moving sand and gravel for the past two days and everyone’s spirits couldn’t be better. The sand and gravel will be used for the foundation and support beams that make’s the church for the mission. Trevor said, “It’s cool to help with the physical cornerstone for the church and not just the spiritual cornerstone”, and that is so true, we all realized that after he said it and I believe everyone worked harder the second day because of the thought of really making an impact on those in this community. We also had a sports camp today for all the community kids and that was real fun to just let loose and show some Haitians our soccer skills, which aren’t the greatest but when you are having fun it doesn’t really matter. And tonight we went to the beach and served the staff by cooking hot dogs for them and their families, just to give them a break and for them to be served for once since they serve everyone everyday and after the beach we came up to the cafeteria and played some heated bingo, and after that we played Just Dance on the Xbox kinect. We can’t wait to show everyone all the pictures and tell all the stories we have, we love you all very much and will see y’all on Wednesday hopefully if we don’t miss our flight :/ just kidding see y’all soon.

Sincerely, your zanmi (friend in creole)


  1. Hey guys!!!!! Its Libby!!! Um glad to here you all are doing so well! Keep loving on those people, and remember to live in the moment! (I’m currently working on bringing “trina” to Ohio) praying for you!

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