Wolfforth ~Day 5

Hello! This is Kayti.

Today, we went to the Haitian church this morning. It was all in Creole so we didn’t really understand what was going on. They were very welcoming and they even sang us a welcome song after we stood up and introduced ourselves. The church was held in a tent outside (first time I had to put bug spray on to go to church) because we are helping build the new permanent one during our construction time. They don’t use any instruments when they sing but with just their voices they were able to be almost as loud as if there was. It was very hot but the wind blew really hard today. It reminded us of home and it was very much appreciated in cooling us down. We took full advantage of our Sabbath day and took naps and just rested in the afternoon. We went to the beach and it was so pretty! Crystal clear blue water with white sand and lots of shells. Some of the girls and Asher went to the market in the town and the girls bought extensions to go in our hair. Kate and Taylor are getting them put in now and I will get them sometime tomorrow. This day of rest has been good for us and we are going to wake up in the morning ready for our last two days in Haiti.

What a great trip it has been!! I was very skeptical at first and so nervous to be leaving the country for eight days but here we are on day six and I am loving it so much and kind of bummed we only have two days left. We went to Haitian church today and let me tell you what a great experience it was to see the heart these people have for the Lord. Even though it was all in Creole it was still so great. For the past two mornings we have been doing construction and moving sand for the new church they are building. As well as having a sports camp in the afternoon. It is just so heart warming to see the children’s faces when you want to play a game with them. I played soccer with them and wow they are really good!! It was fun even though they would keep scoring but we still stuck in there and kept playing. Something we did Friday was a Hut-to-Hut ministry. I was very nervous about that as well but that is where the Lord spoke to me the most this week. We had groups of about four and one translator with each group. We came across this one hut in the mountains and Taylor said, “Caleb, are you ready to lead the discussion?” And without a second thought I was like, “I sure am.” So we got to this hut and one of the residents of the hut spoke English and came down to tell me his friend wanted to be prayed over so I did. Afterwards he turned to me and asked how long I had been teaching and I told him I haven’t been teaching but have been a student about 10 years. He just told me how good I was and he could see the relationship I have for the Lord and that meant so much to me. So we carried on a conversation for awhile after and when we were done, he wanted to tell me to not be afraid of anything when we are in Haiti. In my mind I was like, “Wow, that is what has been on my heart this whole trip and what I struggled with before even coming to Haiti! I knew then the Lord was speaking to me through this man I just met 10 minutes ago and I can’t wait to see what comes up in the next two days.”  I am thankful for all of the prayers all of you have been sending us and specifically for the prayers that I would have peace before I came on this trip. Thanks to you all and much love for you.

-Caleb McDaniel


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  1. I just think you’re all beautiful and want you to know that. lol reading the blogs this week has been a hi light every day. I love hearing from you and just rock on for everything the Lord has done so far. Jodi, if you’re sitting there listening, your ministry rocks. Its a privilege to partner with you guys in prayer. Praying for boundless energy and boldness in your last two days. You guys are awesome, I love you all dearly.

  2. Sorry to whoever has to read this… Feel free to ask for a shift change halfway through 🙂

    Kayti, thank you for your words and for how you’re impacting those kids! I know you’re showing them so much love!

    Kate, thank you that your joy overflows! I know everyone around you can see Jesus in you.

    Maddie, you are brave and powerful in the Kingdom, keep stepping out into what the Lord has for you!

    Trevor, thank you for serving and loving well. Remember that your words carry just as much weight as your actions!

    Tucker, I’m sure you’re already blowing minds with the truth and wisdom that God gives you. Thank you for how you listen to Him!

    Jake, continue to share your depth with the team! Thank you for your compassion for others!

    Caleb, its so cool that you were encouraged by a Haitian in hut-to-hut! Take that as confirmation of the work the Lord is doing in and through you!

    Kade, I thank you for you strength and your joy. Continue to be present and ask the Holy Spirit to fill in where you are weak.

    Asher, keep loving on those kids! Thank you for being hilarious and awesome! Your smile crosses the language barrier for sure!

    Jodie, thank you for your courage and wisdom! I can only imagine how you’re being used to speak into both the team and the Haitians!

    Matt, I’m thankful for your leadership on this team! Give grace and challenge where each are due.

    Regina, I’m so excited for you to be on this trip! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and for loving on sweet Haitian babies!

    Melissa, I’m sure you’ve been an incredible asset to the team and I encourage you to step out more in speaking with the Haitians you meet!

    Taylor, thank you for how you lead and love these students excellently. I hope you see some of the fruit of your labor this week!

    Sorry that was kind of long, but I wanted to make sure that each of y’all remember that you play such a vital role in this trip. Keep pressing in to what the Lord has for you in every moment. I miss you all more than words and can’t wait to hear in person what this trip has been like!

  3. From Kurtis Vanderpool:

    Hey guys!

    I have known many of you for longer than I care to realize, and others of you I feel like I have known much longer than I actually have. I want all of you to know that I think of you guys often, thank God for all I see Him doing in you, and pray for yall as you step deeper and deeper into not only being children of God, but having greater influence on others as well.

    You guys are incredible. You have never been and never will be incredible because of the things you do or the ways you serve. You are incredible because Jesus has made you children of God and you want to step into that more and more. I see a fervor for Jesus in many of you that is near extinction in high school students these days.

    Keep going; and realize you have more influence than you probably want. People notice, and they follow your lead.

    Thanks for being you, for loving me, for following people like Taylor & Matt (I think very highly of them as well), and for letting Jesus be your goal. Prayers for safe and swift travel, see you back in the LBK.

    Love, Kurtis

    P.S. Sorry if I left anyone out, Wolfforth has some of the best adults & leaders around.

  4. It fills my heart with joy and my eyes with tears with each blog post I read. What beautiful work you are doing and what beautiful people you are and beautiful people you’re serving. We love you so much and we see God shining through each and everyone of you. Continue to be a blessing and be blessed. We miss you and are praying for you daily. Love the Robinsons.

  5. Oh how Eddie is missing this trip. We are so proud of you and know God is moving in BIG ways in each of you. The peace and joy that shines through every picture is amazing to see. Know that God is showing up here as well. We feel your prayers. Mom’s wrap your arms around Kade and Taylor for me and hold on a little tighter in the coming days. See you soon. Love Eddie and Susan

  6. I’m so happy to read Caleb’s blog. I love the fact that you have gotten so much more comfortable and even led a discussion. I love and miss you so much! Mom

  7. So awesome to read your stories and the pictures are amazing! Prayers continue for you all! Caleb – I love that God is speaking to you through someone you just met. It makes you realize just how awesome God is and how he is also using you all to speak to those you too have just met! Love you all! And someone give Tuck a hug from me! – Amy

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