The Story of Susan and Emma…

This summer we had two fantastic – fun-loving – fabulous – friendly – funny – interns… Susan & Emma!

They arrived in Haiti together in May of 2015. Though they were inseparable for the entire summer….often finishing each other’s sentences – finishing each other’s thoughts – finishing each other’s snacks – the yin & yang of the campus if you will…. Emma sadly boarded a plane to the USA while Susan waived good-bye to her once full-time friend.

Filmed just 10 hours after Emma left….but has taken 3 days to upload – we present to you the “Essence Of Susan & Emma”.

Directed by Jody Castillo

Please note no animals or human-beings were hurt during the filming of this tribute.

Please note that this video is for entertainment purposes only. 🙂


  1. Hilarious yet heartwarming!! Good job Susan and Jody. I think my favorite scene is the ladies at the gate

  2. That is good. Jody, you are a nut. And I see you have quite a few in your category. I’m sure you had lots of fun making this.

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