Wolfforth~Day 7

Greeting from the Mole! This week has been amazing. God has had his hand over the entire trip and our team! We have seen God work in us and through us in so many ways! Today we were able to have VBS with the orphans, had another day of Bible study with the children from town, and continue to help with the construction – the basketball court flatwork is now complete. Kayti & Maddi got to experience hut to hut visits to special needs families! We ended our week with a bonfire and devotional on the beach tonight and we are awaiting our bus to begin our travel homes. Parents – I am amazed at the hearts of your kids and their love for God and others! Be proud! They have ALL shown (with JOY) the characters of leadership, courage, compassion & service. Taylor and Matt have done a wonderful job of leading us. And I was blessed to serve along side of them along with the other “moms” – Jodie & Regina. I am thankful for all of the relationships and love that we have shared this week. The intimacy of this group has had a great impact in all that we did through the week. The great commission was evident in all that we did and experienced – Love God, Love Others! We can’t wait to see our families and share this trip and mission with you! We have made friendships with each other, the interns and staff members, the orphans, the families and children of the town, and of course the missionaries and their family. I feel certain that God made an impact through us and in us in Haiti! God is and was present in Haiti! We had this opportunity to come along side of Him and serve His children. And now we get to come back to Lubbock and continue the work! Thank you for all of the prayers. They have definitely been felt and appreciated! Love to all!


PS – Tuck sends a hug back to his momma!

Ama – Trevor & Kade gave your hubby a kiss!!

Jodie can’t wait to see her boys!

We ALL miss and love our families!


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