Shively Christian Church…..Day 2

What an amazing day! Back breaking work for the men(carrying buckets of sand and large rocks for the construction of the church) and easy stuff for the women(working in a hot clinic and pharmacy filling prescriptions, playing with sick kids, painting fingernails.

Rain came today (which they tell us rarely happens) and cooled things for a while and we had vbs today for about 40 community kids. We played with the orphanage kids a lot today—holding them, loving on them, playing ball and sidewalk chalk.

The Mole is a beautiful place but also a VERY hot place. We are all sweating buckets daily!!! Tomorrow we take a boat ride to a fishing village. Please pray Satan will stay far away from the mission.

Aurevoir (goodbye in Creole)

Jeff and Tonya


  1. Sounds so wonderful! Glad the rain cooled it down a bit. Absolutely love the pictures! God Bless all of you! Can’t wait to hear about the fishing village. Take lots of photos. Vicky

    1. I love the pictures and seeing all the activity. I pray for God’s shield of protection around the people and the mission. Miss family but glad to see all is well. Ezra misses my three but she is doing good. Love to everyone.

  2. Thank you ALL for all you’re doing. Continued prayers for your safety, wellness & work for the Lord.

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