Shively Christian Church…..Day 3

Bonswa America! It’s crazy that it is already hump day here in Haiti. This morning the team took a 45-minute boat ride to a fishing village (keep in mind that it wasn’t a Baja, more like a boat that goes about 5mph).

The Haitians in the fishing village were so humbling and made us feel very welcomed. We played Jenga, which was a HIT, and played music while worshiping our awesome Lord. This afternoon we had VBS and taught the kids how to play 4-Square, steal the bacon, and snicker-snacker (we will explain later). Those kids can turn a terrible day great.

The evening was exhausting not because of the heat, but the Haitians should try out for the NBA. Jordyn and Miranda attempted to play basketball but were shut down very early! But Miranda had to teach one kid how to throw a football (and Caitlin too, because she’s not a huge fan of physical activity!).

Jeff, Geoff and Kody are hosting a men’s ministry this week and their group is growing. This is a huge praise because normally when they try to have these no one shows up. Safe to say God is moving in Mole St. Nicolas, Haiti.

Hope all is well in the states and we cannot wait to come home to share more stories. Aurevior! (Good-bye)

-Miranda & Caitlin


    1. Thanks for the updates and sharing the messages of hope and simple blessings these kids need. Love and prayers to the whole group.

  1. Th village looks like it was such a cool place. That’s a lot of people in a little boat! Lol :). And hey Caitlin can prob throw football better then me ….so that’s something ;). Know it’s still 1.5 hours away but ……….HAPPPPPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY BIRTHHHHHHHHHDDDDDAAAAYYY Caitlin! Love you guys!

  2. OH how I wish I could be there with you all!! Hope you are all well and keep spreading the love of GOD!!
    Dee Williams
    Tonya I miss you …. Miss you all….See you soon

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