Texas Tech 2016… Day 3

Bonswa Friends and Family!

Today was a busy, but fun day. I started off the day being both physically and mentally drained, but throughout the day everything that we did (no matter how tiring it was) somehow replenished me. Today filled me with joy and hope for the rest of the week.

To start off the day, my small group was assigned to construction for the morning. We moved a broken down truck across the mission campus, took a gaga ball pit apart and moved it to the basketball court, and then leveled off the ground that the gaga ball pit is going to end up on. Our small group grew closer together as machete’s were used to fight the common enemy of roots that were too stubborn to get out of the ground. Our morning successfully completed leg day, arm day, and cardio in three short hours. It was tough, but the sore muscles tomorrow morning are going to be totally worth it.

After lunch, we traveled into a village in the mountains for VBS and a teen conference. This was probably my favorite part of the day. We shared the creation story, sang goofy songs, and played duck duck goose with the kids at VBS. The kids were so joyful and sweet to be around.

Next, we started the teen conference today with a country dance party where we taught some of the Haitians how to two-step. This was one of my favorite parts, because if you know me at all you know that country dancing is one of my favorite things to do. I think the conference was successful. We talked about creation and how we were made in God’s image. In the discussion with the Haitian girls, our group of girls were able to work well together to answer some of the hard questions that the girls asked us. We are slowly, but surely, growing closer together as a team.

Finally, the thing that has been running through my head the most this past couple of days is the simplicity of Haiti. These people live hard lives, but they are simple lives. We take for granted the access we have to things like technology, running water, and air-conditioning. The people in Haiti have none of this, but they are so full of joy. The simplicity in Haiti through the lack of distractions and the closeness to God’s beautiful creation have been consistently helping me to grow closer and understand more of God’s character.

Everyday I see more and more of God, whether it be through the smiles on the Haitian faces, the sunsets in the evening, or the stars at night. I can’t wait to see what God does during the rest of the week. I leave you with the bible verse that has been my prayer for my life, this trip, and all of the people that we have encountered. “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” (Romans 15:13)

Much Love,



Brad and Randy’s Daily Adventure (Two Real Men)

 What do rats and mosquitoes have in common? Absolutely Nothing! According to the Brad and Randy’s ecological growth of mosquito impregnation scientific research community of national organized mosquito biologists union for knowledge and discovery and education (BREGMISRCNOMBUKDE), we have made a breakthrough of discovering male impregnation via mosquito transmission.

According to my observations from my fellow scientist and colleague Al Martin, and I quote: “I feel six weeks pregnant, or maybe that was a burrito”.

Data shows that mosquito bites and male impregnation actually have no-correlation, but we have determined to ignore all data.

BREGMISRCNOMBUKDE does not mean to cause mass hysteria with this scientific breakthrough, but we felt like we needed to be transparent with the public. We want you to be 100% informed. No males have actually been reported as pregnant as of 8:37 PM Haitian Caribbean (Maybe observing day light savings time, but no one is really sure??) Time (HCT).

The females of our expedition wanted us to mention a Rat who goes by the name of Pat who lives, feeds, breathes, and breeds in the female dormitory. He doesn’t speak English or Haitian Creole, but only communicates through primitive body language.

Pat has been quoted as saying, “Wow. I thought I was a mess”. Remember, that was Pat the Rat speaking and not Randy or Brad.

So the point of all this scientific knowledge is to convey our utter disdain for rats and mosquitoes. This is not technically a scientific community, so I would take it with a grain of salt.

Remember, when a rat and mosquito walk into a bar, no one is happy!




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  1. Hello from Texas!
    Great hearing about you teaching them the two step and glad the conference went well. Loved the words of simplicity that Sally shared…how simple their lives are and how content and joyful they are, that’s something we all need to remember and embrace in our lives. I hope ya’ll can bring back the simplicity with you so you can grow closer to God without distractions and able to focus on Him. Never overlook the power of simplicity, it is the essence of happiness and is beautiful and the glory of expression. I love you all, keep strong and rely on Him as you continue to serve the Haitian people and each other! Blessings & Prayers, Penny

  2. Glad to hear of all the fun and fellowship! Simplicity is a hidden blessing that actually provides so much room for peace and joy.

  3. Hellooooo from the other side (sing it Jody). Let me tell you the other side is weird and I don’t like it one bit. BUT so exciting to see how Christ is moving in the Mole! Keep up the good work and eat some hot dogs and spaghetti for me! Sending lots of love from Texas! Give everyone a big squeeze for me!!!!

    Avery Fowler

  4. I’m shocked to see Cody among the children! Haha! Our youth mission team is praying for y’all. May the faithful God of the unexpected continue to blow your chacos off!!

  5. Hello from the top of the Texas Panhandle!! I look forward to each blog! With each new day i see such joy on the faces of the young children and the light of Jesus in the Texas Tech Team! Today I am praying for your strength mentally, physically and spiritually. May God Bless each one of you in a special way and all those you touch with HIS special love and light! Love and prayers-Jodie
    PS-love you Tyty!!

  6. Sally, you write so beautifully. So awesome to hear how the trip is changing lives both for all involved. We continue to pray for your team and can’t wait to hear all the stories. May the Lord bless you and keep you safe! Deb & Scott

  7. I anticipate each day’s post and I am truly blessed by seeing your smiling faces and the faces of the Haitian children. Praying for continued strength and energy. Claire, I know you are soaking up every minute loving on those children. I wish I could be there to see it. Take lots of pictures. We love you!

    Hugs and kisses to everyone,

    Mitch and Marsha Porter

  8. You all make my heart (((SMILE)))!!! I know you must be exhausted just from the trip alone but I would never know that from what I’ve seen in the photos and from all the great things you all are writing about in your blogs. You all are doing amazing work!!! (And thank you so much for posting these gifts for family and friends to see each night – your well-written blogs, beautiful photos, humorous side-notes, and even the comments from others are easing our minds and filling our hearts back home!)

    Your work there is very powerful and every person you meet picks up on the spirit and light which you all carry with you. Keep your hearts open to GOD’S WILL — you all have so much to share with those you reach out to. Remember – it is by no mistake that HE put you right where you are, right at this moment! So, for each day that remains … GO LIGHT YOUR WORLD … and DO HIS GOOD WORK with every moment given you. Find HIS beauty in everything. Yes, even the the things that frustrate you or from what you feel you currently lack– this SIMPLICITY IS ALL A GIFT FROM GOD – showing you there is greater meaning to life than all the “stuff” that consumes us.

    I pray for you all and the people you encounter there. With each passing day I am delivered a beautiful sunset and I get my daily reminder that HE IS WITH US ALL, always.

    And HE said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the WHOLE CREATION.” Mark 16:15

    – Love you & miss you, Sissy! <3 Momma

  9. Whoohoo! Praise God for yalls servant hearts, reading about yalls ministry and how the Lord is moving in your own hearts is so encouraging. Love y’all lots and lots.

  10. Sally,so glad to hear you made it okay.It sounds like y’all are going to busy and blessed.I know you can do anything you set your mind to.Spread that beautiful smile of yours around for all to see.Prayers for the rest of you trip and for great things to happen.Proud of you and lots of love, Aunt Terry.

  11. Hey you guys! Brooke James here. Wow. You guys are the coolest people I know!!! I’m SO bummed I’m not there serving alongside y’all this year. Soak in every second y’all are there, and hold these memories close to your heart.

    My prayer for you guys is for y’all to be uncomfortable emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Being uncomfortable emotionally shows that you’re present in your surroundings. Let your heart break for these people, but also let your heart be mended by the hope that Jesus brings for them. Being uncomfortable physically (shoutout Kristen Fouse for last year’s chaco blisters and baby powder routines LOL) shows that you’re putting others before yourself, you are not the center of this trip, but God is, the souls of these people are the center and the purpose of this mission. Embrace the pain, fatigue, and the bug bites 🙂 And most importantly, I pray that you guys are spiritually uncomfortable because that vulnerability allows God to take over. He’s in control, all we have to do is allow Him to lead. Comfort zones are overrated anyway.

    Haiti is a beautiful place with beautiful people and a beautiful story… And God came to save each of these people, too. The stakes are high, and every soul matters!

    Give everyone a hug for me, love, love, love and miss you all.
    Brooke James

    P.S. Chi O girls, I’m so proud of each and every one of y’all. Soak it all in!

  12. Hey ppl! Caroline Freedle here… Just got caught up with the blog and I am so proud of each of y’all and your journey thus far! God is doing great work through each one of y’all and sometimes it might be uncomfortable but honestly roll with it… He is always there for you! Keep the simplicity vibe in mind as you carry on with the next few days and when you all get back. Use it to get closer to each other and grow in your faith!! Love y’all oh and….

    PS: Kristen… I can literally picture your minor freak out with the sea turtle and you being dj Kris (lol). So proud of you ma’am!
    Brad and Randy… Actually laughing at yalls daily adventure, keep it up plz!

    “Have an EGG-cellent rest of the week!!” AND drink a Coke for me 😍

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