Strand of 3… Day 5


Today has been packed with continuous serving! Starting off bright and early with the men working on construction while Tom and the rest of the ladies helped Jody with clinic. Traveling over to a fishing village and coming back to the Mole with hope for Haiti really wrapped the whole day up.

This morning, clinic had already filled up before it even opened. We were really proud of Jody and the ministry to allow the sick to be seen and sent off with medicine for their illness, all at no charge!

Ms. Diana, oh the Puerto Rican firecracker, she really lit up the waiting room today with her mad skills at dancing the samba to Haitian music. She basically had everyone get up and dance, so that for one moment they would forget why they were sitting in the waiting room of a clinic. Also, both her and Del shared a sweet message of the gospel, while Micah and Robbie colored with the kids. It was truly beautiful to witness.

Back at the orphanage, the men had broken up a sweat at attempting to put together a gazebo, after realizing that it was done wrong and some parts had arrived broken!

Although, they did accomplish putting together a crib and a changing table for sweet Fabi. Today was also special because Wilderson had turned 5 in November and had a belated birthday celebration going for him! John wanted to be apart of that special day J

Straight after all of that, the groups got together and rushed through lunch to get to the boat so that we could head over for a short 15min ride to the fishing village for hut to hut. The boat ride was just phenomenal! The oceans had many shades of blue and for one split second you kind of – sort of feel like Peter J

When arriving there, we felt quite comfortable and welcomed. The team immediately began to go to the homes and speak to them. Eventually, we all ended up at one hut and God just took over. Many family and friends gathered around.

The Lord had used Del and to engage with the people, used Douglas to preach and Tom to close with prayer. While the rest of the crew played with the children, a man had stuck out with his many questions on reviving his faith and that was IT!

All of a sudden we realized why we came. We also heard a woman’s testimony of her faith and prayed over a baby for healing and good test results. How great that the good news is spreading!

We all greatly miss out families and friends and love your reposts to the blogs. YOU ALL ARE AWESOME! Thank you for your huge support and comfort.

3 more days! 🙂


  1. Lelia,
    The pictures and updates are absolutely incredible! Everyday I get messages and calls from friends and family asking how you are doing. They all tell me to let you know that you and your group are being covered in prayer.
    I know you were very scared when we spoke the other night. I can’t imagine the spiritual warfare you are experiencing. It was tough hearing the concerns and only being able to listen. Being so far away, I just felt helpless. However, when I prayed as soon as we got off the phone I truly felt God’s hands and heard his voice telling me that you are going to be OK. You have been sent there because your faith and heart are so strong. Don’t forget that you are being challenged through this whole experience and our God, your loving father is with you the whole time!
    To say I’ve missed you wouldn’t really explain the true situation. Chloe really misses you too. But we are both doing very good. Her cough and runny nose are cleared up (good thing you reminded me about the Vick’s.) We can’t wait to see you and hug and kiss you. (Chloe’s open mouth kisses never get old.) We keep looking at your pictures that get shared on the blog. These are the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen of you. I especially love the ones showing your amazing smile. Chloe tries to reach out and touch the screen every time she sees you in a picture.
    I don’t know if you really understand how inspiring you are for all of us here at home. Your bravery and courage is making an impact not only in Haiti but also here through those that are following, asking, and praying for you.
    Keep up the great work and enjoy the new relationships. There is just a couple more days left to make the biggest impact possible. Enjoy these days and the challenges you will face. Share the love from your soul and know that when you get home Chloe and I are going to hug you to pieces!

    (I hope I didn’t get too sappy with this. Just want you to know hoe much you are loved!!!)

  2. Hello everyone!!! you guys are definitely busy and its great to see how some many people are being reached and helped by this mission.

    Douglas: We wanted to let you know that we are doing okay. Like you said I would get a taste of the business busy phone calls so yes I have been crazy busy. So get ready when you come back.
    My love we are so proud of you and I had tears in my eyes when I red about you preaching over there. I hope you have been able to use your Haiti bible.
    Samuel and Sofia are missing a lot and all they keep saying is that they love love you!
    Sofia said she loves that she is your princess.
    We are praying for you all!

  3. It is so fun to see the pictures of your activities and how God is using each one of you! Thank you for your faithfulness and hard work! We love and miss you all and continue to lift you in prayer. Del, your D–group and life group are missing you and praying for you. We cannot wait to hear the stories of life change when you return! Scott & Pam Saunders

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