Rooted Day 2016 Day 1…

Hey all!

Yesterday evening we arrived in Port Au Prince. We were met by the NWHCM team and taken to our first stop. Brought there in a van packed like sardines, we were very excited to get to our first destination.

We spent the night in a cool little hotel (I know, it sounds TOO luxurious for a mission trip!) and were able to relax, poolside for a little while. After recouping from our flight we settled down and spent our first night in Haiti. It took us a little while to actually figure out what time it was here, but we finally got our clocks set and we were ready to roll!

We hopped in the back of a truck, took a selfie (because we are Americans) and were taken to a small little airport. After a long two-and-a-half hour wait and some wonderful napping, we split into two groups and hopped on two tiny puddle jumpers to take us to Mole. The sights in the plane were absolutely astounding! We were able to see the other plane fly next to us and could almost see the frightened looks on the faces of our friends as the weaved up and down in the air (just kidding, the pilot was very good).

We flew over oceans, mountains, and through clouds for 45 minutes until we reached Mole. Landing on a small little dirt runway, we were met by a small crew to load our luggage up in the back of another truck. One bumpy ride later took us to the mission base in Mole. We were met by Miss Beth and given the run-down of the rules and what we were going to do during our stay. Miss Beth took us for a tour of the campus and then brought us to all of the wonderful children!

I was automatically greeted by Mark, who walked up to me with his arms wide open wanting me to pick him up and for the next hour, did not want me to put him down. The kids were enthralled with our sunglasses, hats, water bottles and watches. We loved on the kids and then took some time to unpack.

On to the beach! Oh the beach. I already love it so much. The water was cool, clear, and so incredible to be in. Playing around for a good hour, we hauled our way back to the campus and attempted to take our first shower in Haiti. We have only been here for one full day and I am already brought back to nostalgic feelings of when I did volunteer work in Southeast Asia. This makes me so excited for the work ahead and the experiences that we are going to have.

I don’t know exactly what the rest of the week will bring, but I am looking forward to seeing what God has in store for all of us. It is time to sign off. Not because I have written enough, but because one of the small children here is dancing to the Nay Nay. This is something I do not want to miss! J



Love to my wonderful family (mom, dad, Kellie, Patti, Ben, Bryan, Ashley, Evan, Josh, and the wee babies, Caleb, and Ian). Give Meshach extra love from me today (thankfully, there are dogs here to fill the void)!


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  1. Yeah Rooted Crew! Sooooo good to hear from you, awesome note Bailey!!!! Love the pictures too! Praying for all of you! Love and miss you Collin Parker!!!

  2. Oh what an amazing experience. God is truly going to use your talents and hearts to bless these children and in return bless each of you. Open your hearts. Our God is an awesome God.
    Love and prayers.
    Love you my sweet Aryanna. I want to see pictures of your braided hair. Mom:)♡

  3. Wow! Sounds like everybody is off to such a wonderful start. From one plane to another with poolside in between. Bailey, thanks for such a great right up! Reading this definitely brought back joyful thoughts. I look forward to reading every single night and praying on the daily. Tell all the kiddos i say…well….don’t tell them anything just give them a really really big hug for me. Love you guys!
    Luke Prince

  4. Oh hey I almost forgot! Can you please take a picture of the new dorm we started last year? Thanks!


  5. Thank you for the amazing post and pictures. I see God is working through you all already. I am glad to see Jennifer survived the plane rides :). Hopefully whomever she sat next to doesn’t have too many claw marks!! Lol. You all are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you all for your willingness to serve Gods people of Haiti!!!!

  6. So good to see All your smiling faces.God is so good to get you ALL there safely! He is going to do some amazing things this week. Praying for you all as He works through you in the lives of these children. Phil. 4:9
    Cheryl Anderson

  7. Yayyyyyy! So fun to get to hear about the first day! Praying for y’all…we love and miss you guys! Zack,Kelsey, and Grant

  8. Dear Mission Trip Group,

    Just a very brief note to let you know that we are praying for all of you and especially our precious granddaughter Katie Anderson. It sounds like everything else is going great except Katie’s extra stop in Denver. May our dearest Lord bless each of you and may His Holy Spirit guide all of you. Stay well Katie! With love & prayers, Grandpap & Grandma

    On Tue, May 3, 2016 at 9:51 PM, Mole St Nicolas wrote:

    > Castillo posted: “Hey all! Yesterday evening we arrived in Port Au Prince. > We were met by the NWHCM team and taken to our first stop. Brought there in > a van packed like sardines, we were very excited to get to our first > destination. We spent the night in a cool little ho” >

  9. How awesome!!! So glad you all made it safely, I know it’s going to be the best week. Ely, I sold our vehicles for a cool $38.90 and have bought a buggy for my bike so Seamus and I can cruise around town. If you want a ride you’ll have to pay Seamus, likely in extra kibbles or catnip. I’ll let you two work that out. We love and miss you! 🙂

  10. Great to hear the amazing experiences you are already having and love the photos! Will definitely be checking this daily to hear and see your wonderful blessed experiences. Love to our sweet Kimmy, Mom and Dad

  11. Thanks for the wonderful updates Bailey and Kimmy! You are doing great things! Glad you are there safe and sound, We are so blessed that you are taking time from your amazing ministry to these kids to fill us in. Can’t wait to hear all the stories! Oh, and Bailey, you are rockin’ that skirt…just sayin’. 🙂 Love , Jill (and Bill)
    p.s. We miss Meshach. 🙂

  12. Glad to see you all made it safely. Good to see your smiling faces. You are doing great things! Keep us posted on your important work. We will check in daily. Love you David, mom and dad.

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