Farrington Group 2016… Day 5

Day 5 from Haiti. Weather is still HOT. We would really like some ice for our water. But, all is good. We feel like we are making headway and hopefully touching a few lives. Colleen, Parker & Melodee helped with the Clinic today and approximately 75 locals were served. Melodee helped with the children in the waiting area. Colleen utilized her nursing skills with examinations and Parker helped “The Pharmacist” by bagging medications. Tim, Chris and myself, once again, helped dig the footings. We lasted a little longer and made some real progress.

In the afternoon, Parker and Melodee led a girls Sports Camp for the kids from town. They went from nervous, timid girls to the typical laughing, smiling, fun loving kids. It was nice to see their confidence build and take some pride and accomplishment away with them. Some of the young ladies from the California Group volunteered to assist.

It was a really good day. Tomorrow we will continue with the construction project in the morning. (By the way, the sun comes up about 5:00 here and we are in tents) The afternoon will consist of hut-to-hut visits with the families of the girls who attended the Sports Camp. Please pray that we can make a difference.

Signing off from the Farrington Group. We all have to go put our bug spray on before flashlights out.



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