Farrington Group 2016 -Day 6

Day 6. This morning we made some great progress on digging the footings at the construction site. This was in part to being in the only shade present on the site for the majority of the morning. Did I tell you it is HOT here? We are getting in shape whether we like it or not. The workers are gradually sharing their humor with us, mostly at our expense.

After lunch we did the hut-to-hut visits with the families of the girls camp participants. We got to thank the families for allowing their daughters to attend, asked if they had any prayer requests, and closed with a prayer through our interpreter. It is astounding how the Haitian’s make the best out of so very few resources. We appreciate our two interpreters, Pierre & Joassaint, making our communication possible.

The evening was spent with all of the orphans watching a movie, Big Hero 6.We served them popcorn & Smarties candy. Not a crumb left and the movie received a standing O. I think the “Mom’s” even had a great time.

Please continue the prayers because we can use them. It is tough being in situations that you have never imagined being in. So far, everything has worked out.


The Farrington Group


  1. Hey guys! Everyone is sending their love. Some concern stateside about the “tough situations” mentioned. Lots of prayers going out. Love and miss you.

  2. Thinking of you all and praying for you! I always think of Haiti around the 4th because it was the best 4th of July I ever had sitting on the roof holding the little ones from Heaven’s Waiting Room. Braxton Schulte’s little guy was so excited they nearly jumped/fell out of the chair and then the fireworks came at us and he was even more excited!! Truly a life changing trip!

    1. It was a fantastic trip that year! We talked about the hard work and the fun and fellowship we had! Are you ready to go again?? 😊

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