Farrington Group 2016 – Last day

Last full day. We fly out in our small plane in the morning around 8:00 a.m. We will arrive in Kansas City about 11:30 tomorrow night. I think we will sleep well for a day or two straight when we get home.

Didn’t have time to blog yesterday so I’ll give a quick recap. Thursday morning we split into the clinic team and the construction team. The clinic team of Melodee, Parker & Colleen served over 80 with exams and prescriptions. Awesome job on their part.

The construction team of Tim, Chris and Jay continued digging the footings. We also built a ½ door for Susan’s Special needs room so the kids could have some ventilation. In the afternoon we got to go on a wonderful journey to the fishing village of Preskul.

These families live on the point of the bay protected only by a small inlet and have nothing to speak of material wise. Palm leaf thatched huts, no vegetation, not a lot of clothes, and get this…no fresh water. They have to walk 3 ½ hours to carry water back. However, they LOVE Jesus! We all gathered around one of the few shade trees and sang songs and they rocked it. We took soccer balls, tennis balls, Jenga, Domino’s and jump ropes for young and old to play with. I think they had a blast and I know we did. Definitely a reality check for priorities.

Today Parker and Melodee conducted a Vacation Bible School with the orphans. Melodee taught a lesson and then they made bead necklaces and did some dancing. The old guys did a few projects around the mission grounds. Chris used his engine skills and helped with their 2 diesel generators. Tim and I put up some security cameras. Then we tried to improve the shower facilities a little. The best part…no ditch digging.

The day was finished off with a swim and a hot dog roast at the beach. Jody gave an inspiring final devotional that really hit home with us. We will all take it to heart and apply it when we get back to The States. It reminds me of a great Star Wars quote “There is no try, only do”—Yoda

There are too many people to thank for helping us to make this week one that we will never forget. (I probably couldn’t spell half of their names anyway). Their hospitality and always finding a way to make things happen was incredible. If you ever feel lea to take a mission trip, Mole St. Nicholas is THE place to come to help make a difference. Just give Doddy & Carlos Castillo and their missionary Sue a call and they will set you right up. (joke, just a joke)

Love in Christ,

Colleen Farrington, Tim Humphrey, Chris & Melodee Strickland, Jay & Parker Dunham


It’s been an honor to serve alongside this team! They have definitely left a lasting impression on our family, staff, and this community!

I’ve been trying to upload pictures for the past two hours and the internet isn’t cooperating. I thought you’d like to hear from them tonight since they couldn’t blog last night. So unfortunately I have no new pics 🙁



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