Fowler Group Day 3…

Happy Sunday from Mole St. Nicholas! Today was our second full day in the Mole and it was a privilege to spend the Sabbath day with our friends here. This morning began with church, as it did for many of our Christian brothers and sisters all over the world, but for us, it wasn’t our normal Sunday morning experience.

This was not my first time attending church here in Haiti, but as it has been in the past, the service was something I will never forget. Although foreign, it was incredibly impactful. Despite not understanding the songs and the sermon, I was once again moved by the raw faith and undeniable presence of God. I have come to describe church in Haiti as a full body experience. It was a mix of the passion in the pastor’s voice, the admiration in the congregation’s worship, and the swaying of hands in the air that reminded me that the words that initially seemed like gibberish to me were words of prayer and praise to the God that we share. The full two-hour service was powerful.

After church we took a walk through town. This was a chance for our first time travellers to see what lies beyond the mission’s campus, and for the returners to reconnect with the people and this place that we love. This walk took us up the mountain, along the water, and to the town center. Although we were exhausted and sunburnt by the end, it was the perfect way to greet familiar faces and engage with those in the community. We knew we were pretty sunburnt though, because a Haitian man noticed that, “all of the white people are pink.” It was certainly an adventure!

Our afternoon task was to lead youth group in a fun afternoon activity. The chosen activity was Bingo, and it was a hit! The youth not only loved it, but they also let their competitive sides shine. It was a fun chance for them to spend quality leisure time in Christian community and to also have a shot at a prize.

Today as a whole was more relaxed than the rest of our days will be, but it was a chance to spend Sunday as God intends. For me personally, this is the first Sunday in months that I haven’t spent doing homework or other busy tasks, so I was grateful to slow down and have a more relaxed and reflective day. Rather than being rushed, it was an incredible day of reconnecting with many who I have come to call dear friends. I am looking forward to the rest of our time here, to continue to learn from the Haitian people and be used by God.

~ Emma Fowler


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  1. Precious pictures! You are so right about worship of God being able to be understood in any language. It is the language of the heart! Keep applying sunscreen. Praying for God to strengthen you and protect you. Your love shines in each and every picture! God Bless you and all those you interact with.

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