Rooted 2017… Day 2

Hey friends and family!

Today was an amazing first day at the Mole! It is very hot and humid here! Like really hot, I don’t want to say it but it, but might be hotter than… It’s just really hot.

In all seriousness, it has been an awesome trip so far.  In the morning a couple of us helped in the clinic, taking blood pressure and temp, as well as helping in the pharmacy, while the rest of the group played with the orphans and sorted supplies!

Later on we had an awesome first girls sports camp! We had about 17 girls from the village come and play basketball, gaga ball, and soccer! After playing sports we all sat down for snack and Sarah spoke to the girls about Jesus and how each of them are unique in God’s eyes.

It’s really hot (we love it, but it is hot). We have been hanging out and getting to know everyone here as well! We all miss home, but REALLY love it here! We all smell heavily of sweat, but since we all smell, no one cares! It’s freeing!

Ariel would also like to tell her mother that she is alive and well and don’t need to worry!


Sarah and Ariel


Please feel free to leave comments. Comments will be read each night at dinner! They really want to hear from you!!


  1. Hi 2017 Team Rooted from Hawaii! Sorry I can’t sympathize about the heat or humidity. I want to thank you for getting my daughter, Maddy, to wear long skirts again, it’s been about 13 years. 🙂 Please post a picture of her trying to kick a soccer ball wearing her long skirt. Ha Ha. I am so proud of the work each of you are doing to further God’s kingdom. I am praying that God keeps his hand of protection on all of you and that he provides his wisdom and guidance to you as you share the Good News and how we are saved through his son Jesus Christ. Many prayers coming your way.

  2. Praying for all of you! What a blessing you are to the people of Haiti and your proud family and friends back home. God bless and protect you all as you spread the good news of our Lord and savior!

  3. Hello, Rooted!
    It’s wonderful to see you and get an update.
    So, it’s hot, hm? Remember Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednago, who were thrown into the furnace, walked around in the flame, but the Lord was there with them, and they did not burn up. Praying for supernatural heat resistance for you all, because surely the Lord is with you. 😊
    Like Maddy’s dad, Tom, I would like to request a photo of Sarah playing soccer in her long skirt. Sending you love and hugs, and jeeping you all in my prayers.
    Erika (Mama)

  4. Hauknessssss!!!! I miss your face!! Well, I miss everyone’s face. I can’t wait to hear about everything you all have done when you get back! It already looks like you’re making a great impact. I wish I could be there with you all! Make sure to give Miss Beth a HUGE hug from me! Best wishes to all of you. Keep doing your good work, friends!


  5. Awesome pictures! Thank you for posting them! And thank you and God Bless you all and the work you are doing! … I know you all probably don’t want to hear this, but we are having snow flurries here in Monument, Colorado this morning.

  6. Love hearing the impact God is making through you all at the Mole. Praying for you all everyday to be light in the darkness, for energy, for restful sleep, that you would follow where God’s leadings and for the people you come in contact with. Wish I could have seen you as you drove through Montrouis but at las, I shall see you in a few months! Love you all!! ❤

  7. It has been great being able to see all the pictures. We love seeing you all enjoy your time with the kids. Andrea, mama loves seeing your beautiful smile! We are praying for all of you as you minister. Take care, sleep well and we look forward to more pictures.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing pictures…Grace Pinckley…you look awesome in your beautiful skirts…how is it playing soccer in your skirts? Lots of love to all of you and we miss you Grace, our prayers are with you.

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