A Month Full of Thanksgiving…


The boat arrived in Port-de-Paix October 31st. On November 8th, we unloaded our first truck full of supplies! It actually took 5 trips (12 hours per trip) before ALL of our supplies were finally here.

I think this tire best represents what those trips were like! On one trip we had 4 flat tires within 30 minutes of getting them fixed.

The truck usually arrived on our campus at night – between 9pm-12am.  The supplies were unloaded immediately while the drivers rested. By 7am, the truck was on the road again ready to get the next load.  Those were some crazy mornings – as we rushed to put supplies away before the next truck load came.

Below are some pictures from that week of unloading. Due to the current political climate & gang violence, we will not be able to show pictures of everything in those crates.

However, as we enter into this fun-filled holiday season – you’ll see the majority of those items from our giveaways & upcoming ministry blogs! 🙂


Peanut Butter  – Get One, Give One (GOGO)

As you can see from the pictures above, we’ve been blessed with THOUSANDS of jars of Peanut Butter!

We have a total of 52 employees on our campus! The day before Thanksgiving, we passed out 104 jars of peanut butter as part of our GOGO program!

We wanted to not only encourage our staff,  but also provide them with additional resources to pass that encouragement on! Each staff member got 1 jar of peanut butter for their families, and another jar to give away.

Special labels were created with 2 messages.
-1st message was from Matthew 23:39.. Love your neighbor as yourself.
-2nd message explained that we love them, it’s an honor to be their neighbor, and we pray that God will provide their needs.

My family was so caught-up in the moment –  that we TOTALLY forgot to take any pictures during the meeting!  I’m thankful that we were fully present… but I also love it when we can show how these supplies allow for so many ministry opportunities! The staff were so surprised and very thankful.

They were just as excited about having something to give away – as they were to have a jar for themselves! It was such a beautiful time of ministry. I haven’t been able to sit with ALL of our staff in almost a year. Being healthy enough to chat and laugh  – it was such a joy.

I managed to grab Tizzie, Elirose, Momma Gigi, and Mme Nene before they left! So I do have a picture of them below! 🙂

I still have MANY more blogs to share from the past few months…. but I thought it was important to share this one first. AND to officially thank each and every one of you who prayed, encouraged, supported, and donated supplies for our ministry!


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