Updated Needs…


Ongoing Monthly Support  There are so many needs that come before us each month! We need funds to help those who are in desperate need  – hungry, sick, without hope – who come to the church looking for answers. If you’ve been to the Mole I’m challenging you to help us as you’ve seen the needs up close!! Pledge $10.00 or more a month and help us reach out to others!

We need YOU to help us! MAKE A ONE TIME DONATION!!  EVERY GIFT is a blessing!

Bibles and Hymnals: Our church has grown to over 200 people! We need Bibles and song books! For 25.00 we can purchase one of each for our new Christians!!

Church Instruments: We need guitars, keyboards, drums, microphones, speakers, amps, etc. If your church is updating it’s equipment – consider donating us your older stuff!



Chicken Ministry: We are giving 9 chickens & 1 rooster. While you can buy chicken in nearly every town – you can’t do that in the Mole. We can’t buy eggs or chickens! (They kind of go together). We are hoping this is a way that we can help needy families support themselves and at the same time provide the mission with the opportunity to buy eggs and meat!

TOTAL PROJECT: 120.00 USD per family. We will also collect donations in any amount and once we get 120.00 total we will purchase for a family.

We have given over 2500 chickens since September 2010!

Fishing: We will always need people to collect poles, hooks, spear guns, fishing gear, etc. 

BUT – there are also other ways we can help! We can provide fishing gear that they can make right there in the Mole. By helping with the following – we provide jobs and also allow the Haitians to fish the way they are most accustomed. 

In order to buy a roll of cord (to make the fishing nets) it costs $4.00. You need 10 rolls in order to make a good sized net. 
For the Baskets – they are 10.00 each for the big ones and $5.00 each for the smaller ones.
For the Spears – they’re 12.00 each.

Gardening: We have nearly an acre of land designated for Agriculture! We need wheelbarrows, hoses, buckets, gardening tools, etc. We also need seeds! We currently have a project where we’re growing 1000 charcoal trees! If you have an idea – let us know! We’d love to utilize the entire space in a way that can benefit our programs and the Mole people!

Benevolent Ministry: As needs arise in the Mole we would like to be able to help out in times of crisis. Donations made towards the Castillo Benevolent Ministry will go directly into the hands of those in desperate need. Ex: Blind lady needing food, unexpected death, buying medications for sick children, etc.

****Since June 2010 we’ve spent over $70,000.00 helping with the town’s needs as they arise!

Sports Equipment: We need some basketballs, frisbees, volleyballs, and soccer balls. Beth has been playing with dozens of children and we have many sports committees who approach us asking for help.

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  1. you will have over 20 lb of corn, beans and various vegetables seeds as soon as i can deliver (jan 2012) or send to the mole. all are natural ..non hybrid seeds ….and their seeds can be saved for replanting in the years to come. i was told there would be enough to plant over 2-3 acres. barbara

  2. How do we go about pledging? $10/mo is not much at all! I’m praying for MANY to pledge and that there will be an over abundance to be used to further the Kingdom! Thank you for all you do!

    • It’s my hope by making it 10.00 it won’t see so out of reach! I’m hoping we can get 175 people to jump on board over the next year to help us out!

      You go to the link below and it will ask for your credit card. Then you click “monthly”.

      • Yeah – click the link and it takes you to the main mission website. Then there should be a box that says – one time, monthly, yearly. You’d just click “monthly”

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