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Please be in prayer for  ALL our Mole Missionaries!


The Castillo family has been living in Haiti for the last 10 years in St. Louis du Nord. Jody’s father – Larry Owen – started the mission back in 1979.She spent most of her life in and out of Haiti and graduated from the University of Kentucky’s School of Nursing. Her husband, Jose, serves on the mission’s board  as the Communication Director. The moved to Mole St Nicholas in June 2010 to begin a new campus plant. They have 8 children – Gigi, Mikela, Rosie, Malaya, Gabriel, Levi, Asher, & Isebelle.



Beth was a swim coach for children wanting to try out for the olympics! She came to the mission back in 2009 as the Castillo’s Homeschool Teacher. She spends her mornings teaching school and her afternoons loving on the children in the community! She has become our unofficial sports minister! She has a huge heart for the suffering and finds teachable moments in everything she does!


Pierre grew up in the mission’s orphanage in Port-de-Paix. He moved to St. Louis 3 years ago to work as an interpreter. He’s another amazing young man with a heart for Christ.   He not only speaks English – but He is a vital part of the ministry here. He is our orphanage & campus manager!


Jody’s parents took Benna in back when he was just a little boy – scrapping enamel out of a pot – hungry. He has become like a brother to their family. His wife died in July 2010. He has 2 children that live at the orphanage in Salines Myette. They will move here when our orphanage officially opens. He is a jack of all trades! He is extremely useful in fixing the generators, vehicles, and running errands for the teams.


Noazie Telfort came to the mission 7 years ago with her two physically-challenged twins – Gigi and Tamara. They were one of the first children accepted into the mission’s Special Needs Orphanage. One of the twins – Gigi – weighed only 7lbs at 2 years of age. The Castillo family took Gigi to the states for medical treatment and she has grown up in their home. Noazie acts as a nanny to the Castillo children and also helps manage their home. Noazie has 3 children – Wndji, Kesly, and Rose-Naika.


Mr. Nene is the mission’s construction foreman and handles all the accounting reports for all the activities happening in the Mole. His wife is the nanny for the Castillo twins! Their daughter was baptized October 2010! They have 4 children – Kendy, Evens, Nerlie, and Nerlande.


Elierose is Noazie’s sister and has worked for the mission for the last 5 years in St. Louis du Nord. She helps clean for the American groups that come to Haiti on short-term trips. She was baptized in September 2010 and is very active in the church! Elierose has 2 children – Harry and Norvenson.


Terzie was one of the first workers in our special needs orphanage in St. Louis du Nord.  Her teenage son was killed in October 2009. Needing a change of environment, Terzie moved her family to the Mole. She currently helps in the kitchen but will be one of the main caretakers for the orphan kids once we officially open. Terzie has 5 children – Milouse, Rose-Mirlene, Benson, Loudia, and Kendershley.


She works in the kitchen with Mme Selony. She attended the catholic church all her life. Shortly after our arrival she began to ask questions about the way we worship God. She was baptized in September 2010 and faithfully comes to the church for the 4am prayer services! They have 7 children – Donald, Roc-Ansy, Bensly, Breslene, Steben, Breslin, and Jeanne.


Malonea is a very special lady. She will tell you that her mind is not like others – but that when she gets to Heaven she will be normal! Her husband died two years ago. She accepted Christ in September 2010. She is apart of the women’s bible study group and goes twice a week to the 4am prayer services. She helps with odd and end jobs. She asked not to be paid but to simply be given food to feed her two children – Lisemathe and Riberdeson.

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  1. We received words of possible cholera presence in the Mole…
    Can you Please keep me posted…
    Twitter: @lionelstpierre @iceaxe5

    “Reported by Jody Castillo a missionary in Mole St. Nichola, they have
    received a suspect case of cholera, a young woman who had traveled
    from St. Louis du Nord. She emphasized the woman was very ill.”

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