Teams Now Hosted On Campus…

This summer we are making some changes to how we host our teams. Previously we’ve been using the hotel here in town – but it has gotten really expensive over the last year. We have come up with a Plan B!

We are hosting teams on the land now. We have added security, street lights, 8 toilets, 8 showers, & 20 tents!  You can see some of the men working with a wooden structure in one of the pictures. We are building a little shakoon there for teams to hang out in! We are also temporarily using one of the orphan homes to house the girls until we are ready to add the children later this fall.

FYI – For teams that are 16 people or less – we will house them in the dorm next to our home.


  1. I everyone from Parkside! We are so happy you all arrived safely and are having the time of your lives. It sounds all sounds so wonderful. The countryside, the people and most importantly Jesus is with you all. Keep the pictures and stories coming. I feel as if I am with you when I read what you are experiencing. Love to you all. Lauren Seal

  2. Great pictures Alex, love seeing it all through your eyes. Am so proud of you and your team. Keeping you all in prayer and can’t wait to talk to you about the trip. Love Mom

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