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If you would like to talk more about the Mole Ministry or bring a team into Haiti you can reach Jody Castillo:

Northwest Haiti Christian Mission
7301 N Georgetown rd  Suite 190
Indianapolis,  IN 46268

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  1. My 15 year old greanddaughter is headiing your way June 23rd.. She is so excited to be able to help! Her birthday was late May and she is giving ALL her birthday money to Haiti!
    Very proud grandmother! June Seymour

  2. Jose & Jody,

    At the Friday night bon-fire I shared the story of the little girl sitting in front of me during the Friday worship service with the local Haitian church. The little girl wouldn’t even look at me during the sermon even though I tried to get her attention a couple times. She seemed extremely afraid of me as if I were Steve or Katie Swaney. After the sermon we all sang. The intertwining of Creole and English produced an amazing and joyous sound of praise. During this song several of us stood up during this awesome moment of worship. My eyes were closed as I sang to the glory of God when I felt a small hand grab my own. I almost pulled away as it startled me. When I opened my eyes my heart filled with a joy that is not expressible with words. The same little girl who looked more afraid than interested in me moments earlier had reached out and grabbed my hand and was giving me the most incredibly beautiful smile.

    Today as I skimmed through the blog reliving many of the highs from the week I stumbled across one special picture. My heart skipped a beat. If you look carefully on the left you see me standing on the edge of the aisle. Beside me is pictured the little girl with her hand extended upward and holding my hand. I am speechless and my eyes are clouded with tears. That moment in time which I expected to be a fleeting gift of God was captured by one of the Savannah team members then chosen by Jody out of hundreds of other pictures to be included in the blog. Chance? I don’t believe in it. Luck? I think not.

    [Pic wouldn’t paste but it is located at

    Jody and Jose, thank you for your guidance and participation with me and my family last week. We were truly graced with the chance to experience God’s love through many of the people of the Mole. We look forward to serving with you again soon!


    Danny, Kim & Gabby

  3. Hello Darcy I fust fot back from Vancouver wash got Camaro love and miss you your very caring and living were all very proud of you.take care daddy loves you,

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