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Today’s post is all about this fun-loving little guy!

Photo credit: Emily Spring

Marc Kervensley Joseph
Birth date: 03/01/11
Role: the Model
Key Feature: lovable smile
Faves: running around, bubbles/balls, smiling, naps
# of sponsors needed: 9

Today you have an unique opportunity to partner with this sweet smiley boy who is in desperate need of sponsors!

Marc is one hilarious kiddo! Like many of the younger ones at the Mole, it has been so fun watching this little grow up a bit as well. He is really owning his personality!

Photo credit: Emily Spring

This little guy has a ton of energy and he will run around campus non-stop if given the chance! As he’s gotten bigger he has become more and more excited to be able to play outside with his older siblings and be able to run around campus. So he is taking advantage of every opportunity he gets! Marc just loves life and he seems to have a desire to live it to the fullest!

Photo credit: Emily Spring

Besides running around campus playing games with his older siblings like tag or playing catch, this little guy is a fan of taking photos! He has a big bright smile that is adorable and he will definitely ham it up whenever there’s a camera in site! He has a genuine, deep-rooted joy that shines through! Some of the photos of Marc are hilarious and they capture perfectly what this little guy is like!

Photo credit: Morgan Brouk

That’s also why this little guy has earned the nickname “Marc the Model,” from me at least! He pulled out some pretty funny poses when we had our orphanage photo-shoot fun day! Again, it’s just been fun watching him grow into his personality and be big enough to do all these fun activities with his older siblings!

Photo credit: Emily Spring

After doing all these energy-packed activities each day, it’s no shock that Marc often ends the day just exhausted! He runs until he just runs out of gas, which is why this little guy knows how to appreciate a good nap! He can literally sleep anywhere and when he gets tired/sleepy, he will just collapse for a nap!

Photo credit: Emily Spring

This kid is such a sweetheart. With all these older brothers and sisters, Marc doesn’t get upset if he’s not in the limelight all the time. In fact, this kid seems to take to doing things more behind the scenes and he just seems so happy to be a part of a loving family! He realizes he doesn’t have to be in the spotlight all the time clamoring for attention, he would just be happy if you would sit with him, playing with him or loving on him. Marc will for sure be your friend till the end, he has that way of loving people no matter what, unconditionally and completely forgiving.

Photo credit: Morgan Brouk

Today I want to pray for this sweet little boy. I want to pray that as he continues to grow up that he will also grow in a relationship with Christ. I pray that he puts his full trust and faith in God and learns to follow him wholeheartedly. I pray that this kid will never lose his joy, that God will grow it in his life to be a strong, deep-rooted part of his life, a light that will never go out. I pray that Marc will be able to share this joy with those he meets. I also pray that God will grow in Marc a forgiving and loving heart that he can continue to love people for who they are, with the love of Christ that is constant and unconditional. I want to pray this verse over Marc again, that this would become consistent with his life.

1 John 4:19 
"We love because he first loved us."

Photo credit: Morgan Brouk

Right now, Marc has 9 open spots in his Family Tree! NINE!!! That’s a whole lot of bare branches! A Family Tree through NWHCM consists of 10 sponsors each pledging$30/month and coming together to form a tree of support for a child in need, helping provide for all their basic needs each month as well as being connected to their lives and praying over them. Would you please prayerfully consider joining Marc’s Family Tree as a sponsor and help fill in those bare spots?

Sponsorship through NWHCM allows you the unique opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life but it also allows them to touch your lives as well. I am amazed at how God has used sponsorship to impact my life and you can read more about that in this blog about Magdalie, the spunky girl I sponsor in the Mole.

Would you commit to living out this 1 John 4:19 principle by committing to be a sponsor for Marc. Would you love him, love the least, because of the great love Christ has shown to you? Please at least go check out Marc’s Family Tree site here and take that step to join a Family Tree today!

Photo credit: Emily Spring

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