Fowler Day 6 & 7…

This trip has reminded me that we are all simply brothers and sisters in Christ, and that we all have a father that loves us. We must never under estimate the power of our faith and how much of an impact it can have on someone looking for Christ.

Texas Tech 2018…Day 5

Yesterday I met two friends. They walked through the gate today and immediately came running to me, and latched on. It is so special to know that despite the language barrier and them laughing every time I attempt to speak creole, they remember me.

Texas Tech Day 6…

I pray that my eyes would be open to him, to see his movement, to be doing as he does and to stand bold in a world that breathes rebellion against him, and there being a need for people to live as if heaven should come more and more to us each day. I love that even in construction today was completely about the loving union of God with us.

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