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Led by missionaries – Jose and Jody Castillo, Beth Lockwood,  Susan O’Strander and Dieuphete Pierre  – this campus was planted by Northwest Haiti Christian Mission in 2010! The Castillo family was previously serving on the mission’s main campus in St. Louis du Nord but after the earthquake they felt led to spread the Word farther north.

This Campus currently hosts: an orphanage, clinic, church, elderly home, basketball court, soccer field, gardens, staff housing, & a group center.  While we love the ministries that we do on campus – we believe our main ministry is outside the gates and in the community.


So What Can I do in Mole St Nicolas? 



There’s all kinds of ministry opportunities here in Mole St Nicolas!
We would love to host your team/family/friends and minister alongside you!
Click the link above to open a PDF file full of pictures and ministry opportunities!



Check out our video… “Little Things” at NWHCM from NWHCM on Vimeo. 

So you want to serve in Haiti, huh? We couldn’t be more excited for you, as you’re about to embark on an adventure that’ll impact more lives than you can count…including your own. This page is a step-by-step guide containing just about every bit of information you’ll need to know before you go, so click around and soak it all in. Thanks!

Check out our Traveler Hub on the mission’s main site: It’s a veritable cornucopia of short-term missionary knowledge and will likely contain answers to most of your initial questions. Really!

For a general overview and estimated cost breakdown of a short-term trip through NWHCM, visit the Trip Basics page. And in case we missed anything in the Handbook, please peruse our FAQs.

Everything sound OK so far? Great.

Your next step is to find travel dates that coordinate with your busy schedule. Here’s a list of all our available upcoming trips. Don’t see a date that works for you? That’s okay. Let us know what you need and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

March 9th-18th (Full)
May 16th-26th
June 22nd-30th
July 2nd-12th
July 12th-21st

(That’s all we have scheduled….it’s not enough! We need more travelers to spread HOPE in Mole St Nicolas!)

NOTE: Serving at our Mole St. Nicolas campus requires special arrangements, which you can make by emailing our travel coordinators –


Application Information

You are now ready to register for your trip!

If you’ve followed all the steps to this point, congratulations! You’re officially a Northwest Haiti Christian Mission team member!

Now’s a great time to also start thinking about sending out letters and emails to raise support. You can find all kinds of fundraising information in the Handbook (you DID read that, right?)

Now, go ahead and copy/paste/write down the following link.

It’ll take you to the part of our website where your friends and family can financially support you. Make sure they know to put your name in the “Notes” section.

Or they can send checks to the mission’s main office with a note that it’s for your trip:

7301 N Georgetown Rd
Suite 190
Indianapolis, IN 46268

And there you have it! You’re well on your way to Haiti, if we do say so ourselves. We look forward to serving with you in the not-so-distant future. If you have any remaining questions about short-term missions through NWHCM, please email: and ask away.

See you soon!                    


  1. Hi Jody, I am Autumn Marshall’s Mom. We are having a women’s retreat in April and it is on Constructing Women For Christ. I thought it would be really neat to raise money to build a fishing boat for one of the villages. Is this still a need? If so could you direct me to the right blog where I could get some information to share with the ladies and motivate them to give freely. I thought I saw on your blog that one boat could help feel 100 people. I thought that was amazing. Also could you let me know what it would cost to build a boat. I don’t know if we could build a whole boat or not as I don’t have any idea about the cost. I was very glad to read that you are all safely back home. We will be praying for everyone to stay healthy. God bless you in all your works. Thanks for any help you can give. Marty Marshall

    1. Hi Marty!!

      That’s an awesome idea! We can build a boat for 850.00. I blog here and on my personal blog. The stuff about the boats was actually on my personal one! Sometimes I write and forget which blog I’m on!! LOL!

      The next village we want to help is Preskul. Ka Pa Fu has all of their boats – but Preskul looks exactly the same as this village. They lost their boats too but we just found the village last week. So it will be a new project. This would be a huge blessing! Yes – each boat can feed 100 people.

      Here are a few links you can cut and paste and it will bring up the blogs about the boats:

  2. Jody, Thank you for putting this together! I pray that there will be a good response from this post. It sure reaffirmed the need for us to all reach out in some way! Could you please let us know how it would work for a person coming on their own, without a team?

    1. It is a little more difficult to come on your own – only in that it’s more expensive. We live 10 hours from PAP where you land from the USA. We can charter 5-seater and 9-seater planes for people to come but it’s the same price whether you fill that plane or it’s just you.

      Our St. Louis Campus has a lot more dates…I’d probably coordinate them to fly in with them and have the plane simply drop them off here as a detour on its way to the other campus. I like for first timers to come in with someone….I think they’ll feel better to not travel alone. However we are pretty flexible. If someone wants to come in alone we can work with them to find the best option. We’ve had teams as small as 3 people….haven’t had just one come alone yet except for those experienced travelers that come all the time.

      Sometimes we can have someone fly in on a plane that’s leaving the Mole. So they can’t come on the March 9-18th trip but they could do the 18th-25th. Well we can save money by them flying on the same plane that’s going to pick up the other team.

      All that to be said….I don’t want an individual to feel discouraged. There’s a lot we can do to get them to Haiti. When God calls you….He works out the details. He also makes what seems impossible (trying to fundraise for the trip) possible. Very few times have individuals not been able to come up with funds to travel. God works things out often at the last minute…but He always comes through for those He calls.

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